[RELEASE] Enhanced Smart Plug Driver

As promised, here is my enhanced (Iris) Smart Plug driver for Hubitat. It's not just for Iris plugs, it is compatible with SmartThings branded outlets as well.

New Features:

  • Toggle On/Off (hardware)
  • Identify (Flashes the indicator LED for 30 seconds)
  • Reset (Resets onboard controller)

Improved Electrical Measurement Capabilities:

  • Enhanced Power Measurement granularity (min/max time & voltage threshold)
  • AC Voltage Measurement (using voltage capability)
  • AC Frequency Measurement

The following SmartPlugs have been tested with this driver:
Lowe's Iris 3210-L
Lowe's Iris 3210-L2

Also tested to work with the following SmartThings outlets:
SmartThings (2nd Generation Centralite)
SmartThings v4
SmartThings (2018 Samjin)


How this works? Thanks for the driver.

The CentraLite and Samjin plugs have built in voltage and AC line frequency measurement and reporting capabilities that aren't exposrd in the stock driver.

Is the voltage reporting off by 1 digit?

  • switch : on
  • voltage : 11.6
  • ACFrequency : 60

Copy and paste error when I was formatting the code on github. It's fixed in the latest.

Awesome, I updated to the latest and I forgot to click configure, now:


Thanks for the driver.. working great now. Any chance you will release your zwave driver for it too?

Honestly, you should release a driver for the Aeotec HEM G5... thanks again.

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Hello, testing yesterday this driver, I used it in some plugs that I don't want to have the power measurements on, so when I reverted to the generic driver and clicked configure then refresh, the plugs still counting power and when they reach zero it will change to the voltage measure but in the power state. I know there is a factory reset button but I don't know how to use it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Warning: If you have paired the Z-Wave repeater, please be sure to EXCLUDE the Z-Wave repeater portion of the 3210-L outlet BEFORE factory resetting it. This will prevent a ghost Z-wave device from being left behind.

The factory reset procedure is to unplug the 3210-L outlet, hold the button on the front, plug the outlet back in, and release the button as soon as the LED turns on.

It's not really a factory reset, despite what the CentraLite docs say. It does not unpair the device, nor does it reset the reporting configuration. It's more of a soft reset.

Excellent advice.

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How I restore the plug to work with the generic driver? Because still showing voltage in power. Thanks

Un-pair the Z-Wave repeater portion of the plug, if you are using it (leave the Zigbee portion alone) . Then unplug it, press and hold the button while plugging it back in, and release the button as soon as the blue LED comes on. Then put the hub into inclusion, and it will reconnect the plug to Hubitat without affecting any automations that use the plug.

When complete, re-pair the Z-Wave repeater if you're using it.

By the way, what brand of plug are you using it with? I've not seen that behavior before, and I've got over 60 of these things.

EDIT: nevermind. I see you went back to the stock driver. Since we cannot see the code used for the stock driver, I can only speculate. It appears it is not parsing power reporting cluster for the correct attribute, and are handling all reports to this cluster as a wattage report. That is not the correct implementation for that cluster. That is a HE driver glitch. You will need to reset the plug.

Thanks, I used your driver with one Iris L plug and one ST I think is v2. Both doing the same. I reset them, working good, thanks.

You have to use my driver if you want the reporting. You cannot configure the reporting then switch back to the stock driver. It won’t work properly as you are seeing.

Yes, I installed your driver to test but the test plugs I don't use them to report anything so I just wanted to restore them and then install your driver to the plugs I really use reporting. Thanks again.

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If anyone wants to have some fun adding the Z-Wave pairing to @srwhite's driver I found the Iris driver for the 3210-L: https://github.com/arcus-smart-home/arcusplatform/blob/master/platform/arcus-containers/driver-services/src/main/resources/ZB_CentraLite_SmartPlug.driver

The manufacturer specific cluster for controlling the Z-Wave portion of the device is in the driver.

@mike.maxwell in case he wants to add it to the built in drivers.

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I'll get to it, I'm sure theres plenty of good stuff in there.


I was right in my earlier assumption.. There are definately Zigbee commands for initiating Z-Wave pairing. That's how they managed to do it seamlessly for the user.

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Yeah, I already captured them a month ago, too much to do...

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