Changes to SMS notification service

In Release 2.1.3 we have introduced an integration with Twilio to support SMS notifications. This integration creates a notification child device. The Twilio device can be used in all notification contexts like any other notification device.

To use Twilio you will need to establish a Twilio account. You will need to obtain an Account SID, Auth Token, and From Phone Number from Twilio to be set in the preferences of the Twilio driver. Twilio offers a free trial period to get started with a $15.00 account credit. Ongoing charges after the Trial Period vary by country.

Beginning in Release 2.1.4 we will begin phasing out native SMS support in Hubitat. Instead of built-in SMS capability, you will need to transition to a different form of notification. You can use Twilio for SMS notifications or use our mobile app or Pushover for push notifications. Release 2.1.4 apps will no longer offer the ability to select SMS messages. Existing installed app instances that use SMS will still work, however you will begin to see warning SMS messages about this feature being phased out.

In Release 2.1.5, cloud support for native SMS messaging will be discontinued. Existing installed app instances that use SMS will no longer send SMS messages.

We are making this change to provide for a more consistent SMS capability worldwide, as well to support customers who need more than 10 messages per day, our current native SMS limit. We are unable to offer SMS efficiently outside the US. For these reasons, we are making this transition to Twilio, which offers worldwide SMS service.

See the Twilio integration documentation here.