HSM Alarm not working

the dashboard shows sensors closed and when I arm the system and open a door nothing happens. I thought it would set off an alarm to my Iris v2 keypad and send a notifications to my phone, I have a simple 5 door sensors Iris v1 setup,
This system is very frustrating, I've had alarm systems for over 20 yrs and haven't seen anything that's so frustrating.
How do I setup an alarm system with these Iris v1 sensors?
Sorry but it's not working like I thing it should,

You've got the automatic disarm configuration set to disarm for all of your modes . Try unchecking all modes or setting it to "Day" only.


You also have it set to arm Night and arm home for Night mode. That won't work either. Have to pick one.

It looks like you’re using SMS for your notifications. See this post re: upcoming changes to SMS notifications:

I changed the arm disarm settings and its still not working.
the alarm is on but when i open a door it doesn't go off.
What am I missing?


Have you verified pushing the Siren button in the keypad device makes a noise? You'll likely need to push off to stop it.

Can you show logs from the time you were trying to trigger the alarm.

Also, you have intrusion Home set up by you don't have it set for any mode. You also don't have the system automatically disarming for any particular mode either. You may want to do that as well.

Logs showing alarm set 9/9/19 8:04 24 attached.
I can't find where I set intrusion Home where to set mode, I saw it yesterday but can't find it.
Also can't find system automatically disarming.
I have real trouble trying to navigate this system.
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

Finally got the alarm to work by arming it from my PC not the keypad.
the keypad doesn't seem to arm the system but the keypad can disarm it.
I haven't try to arm it with the mobile app.
Thanks a bunch :smile:

It doesn't appear that you have the keypad included in HSM. There is a setting that will list all of your security keypads. You have to select it.

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I don’t know if this helps you or not, but I spent two days unsuccessfully trying to arm HSM from my keypad, when I finally discovered that I needed to press one of the alarm buttons (home, away or night) TWICE, once before the code and once after the code.

Where do I find the setting to add the security keypad?
I can add it the HSM but template do I choose?
It says UNKNOWN when I do that.

didymus: there isn't any home, away, night button on the V2 Iris keypad.
It has off, on, partial, panic

Under arm/disarm options. You should see Security Keypad as an option.

Where are the arm/disarm options?
I can’t believe its so hard to find anything on this system.

Is this the arm disarm keypad setting?

Yes, but you don't want to have arm/disarm all selected. If you do, that will also disarm smoke and battery and any other custom monitoring you have set up. Just add the keypad and leave the first toggle alone.

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