Notifier app... docs out of date?

I am using the Notifier app to send notifications to my phone. The documentation at Notifications - Hubitat Documentation says that choosing Text Notifications in the app will send the message by SMS. The notifications I actually receive don't seem to be SMS they seem to be normal app push notifications. Is the documentation out of date?


But I don't have a Twilio account or any of the rest of those details. And I haven't set up Pushover. No, these are just like normal App notifications (with the Hubitat icon attached to them)

If you prefer SMS over push notifications Twilio in UK offers an Alpha Sender option which is a little cheaper that @henrik.kristensen requested I add to my Twilio custom driver - I was the original author of this and it eventually became a stock driver as mentioned in the above post. Though I did add the Alpha Sender option which the stock driver does not support.

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No this isn't what I am asking for. I just wanted confirmation on how the text notification option is working right now by default, and to suggest to the author that the docs are updated if necessary. Assuming I am not experiencing an anomaly.

Correct. Direct SMS functionality was removed from Hubitat. They used to offer 10 free SMS texts per day. But that was getting too costly to support. Since the Hubitat Mobile App supports Push Notifications, that is now the default functionality provided globally.

Pushover and Twilio are additional options for receiving Notifications.

In the early days, Apps allowed one to enter a phone number to receive a SMS message. Those fields were removed when native SMS functionality was eliminated. Some documents may be out of date.


Thanks, now I won't have to worry about sending too many notifications :slight_smile:


In Hubitat, 'Notifications' are sent via a Device. When the Hubitat Mobile App is installed and configured on your phone, it will create a Device on the hub that is linked to the mobile app to. This Hubitat Mobile Device on you hub supports two main features. First, it will indicate PRESENCE based on the GeoFence of the phone (if enabled.) Second, Apps can send NOTIFICATIONS to this device to have Push Notitifactions appear on your Phone.

Pushover and Twilio also create devices that can be used for Notifications. The user can decide whether to use these in addition to the mobile app's push notifications, or as a replacement for them.

I personally use Pushover for all of my notifications as I find it more feature rich. I also use Life360 for Presence as it has been more reliable for us. So for me, the Hubitat Mobile app is simply an easy tool to access my dashboards. :wink:

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Those are old docs. Maybe you found them via Google? They should really look into telling search engines not to index old pages...

The current docs, which you can find linked to from the main page, are here: I don't see SMS mentioned there anymore. But you will indeed find outdated docs from time to time. They usually get fixed after someone mentions something. :slight_smile:


I submitted a request to Hubitat Support to revise these documents this morning. Looks like they have already done so. :wink:

UPDATE: Actually, I now see the issue...

There are two links

old document - should be removed to avoid confusion


current document

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