Delayed notifications

I set up a text notification to alert me when a specific rule runs inside a specific window of time. I usually get 1-2 timely notifications per night. Today I got a couple of delayed notifications that were significantly late. I recieved the in-app notifications simultaneously which tells me that this is an issue within HE and not my service provider. Just thought I'd share this with the HE team. See the last few messages in the picture below.

Not sure how you're using notifications if it is through the SMS feature, this is being discontinued.

I'm aware that it's being discontinued in the next release. I mentioned that I also recieved delayed in-app notifications. In my case SMS is trivial. I'm receiving delayed notifications.

You need to look at the Logs to see what is happening. Was this to the mobile app?

I recieved SMS notifications and Mobile App notifications. I'll check the logs tonight but these are significantly late as the rule and notification only operate from 12-1230AM.