Hub Update 2.1.4

Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.4 is now available

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.1.3:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • WeatherUnderground driver had been retired. The API has been shutdown.
  • New Update process: The browser window does not need to remain open during the entire update process, it will be completed in the background.
  • When enabling Hub Login Security, you will now be required to enter your credentials before it is enabled.

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
  • New tested devices:
    • Quirky + GE Tripper Door/Window Sensor using Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor
    • Develco Smart Plug Mini using Generic Zigbee Outlet
    • Nue Smart Socket Plug using Generic Zigbee Outlet
    • EU version of TRADFRI control outlet using Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet
  • New driver features:
    • “Device” now includes fingerprint and firmware log output for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices
    • Sengled Element Classic driver now includes level pre-staging option

New App Features

  • Rule-4.0:
    • Added Volume control for audio devices.
    • Added description text for HSM commands sent to identify the sender.
    • Added Stop dimmer fade action.
    • Add replace for string variable setting.
  • Rule Machine: Added Global Variable Connector (see this post).
  • Motion Lighting: Allow multiple contact sensors for disable on/off.
  • Group 2.0: Added option for group device to indicate member on/off status.
  • Disable logging option added for the following apps:
    • IFTTT
    • Zone Motion Controllers
    • Rachio Integration
  • Sharp Tools: Added fan support.
  • Dashboard:
    • Added option to reset your access token.
    • Added Variable templates to change Rule Machine Global Variables (bool, decimal, number, and string) to be used with setVariable driver commands.
    • Improved Color Picker for Template Editor and Color Bulb Template
  • YeeLight Integration: Added support for ceiling1 device type.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule Machine:
    • Fixed compare string variables (Rule 4.0).
    • Fixed volume up/down for music players (Rule 4.0).
    • Fixed variable comparisons (Rule 4.0).
    • Fixed Power Source capability (both Rule 3.0 and Rule 4.0)
  • Keen Smart Home Vent, force state change on battery report.
  • Sengled Element Classic, fixed on/off events not generated in specific cases.
  • Groups 2.0, allow setLevel 0 with transition times.
  • Lutron Dimmer, fix errors with Mirror app.
  • HSM: Fixed null from blank level on Color Bulb alert.
  • Fixed error on a valid email address not being allowed to be changed in Hub Login Security recovery email address.
  • RGBgenie Controller ZB-3026: Fixed child devices not created when device joins.
  • Fix BE469 Z-Wave driver:
    • Incorrect event for exterior button.
    • Add missing auto lock event.
  • Philips Dimmer Button Controller: reliability/missed event updates
  • Lutron Shade: Fix errors and missing events on new device installs
  • Rule 4.0, Rule 3.0, HSM, HSM Rule, Scene: fixed capture of zero value attribute.
  • UI: Fixed issue where integer inputs were allowing decimal points to be entered.


  • Hubitat’s SMS service is being retired, and will no longer work in the next release (2.1.5). Apps in this release no longer offer SMS as a messaging option, while existing installed apps that use SMS will still work. Expect warning SMS messages. See this post.
  • Rule 3.0 is being retired in the next release (2.1.5). See this post.

Hub Version Available

This hot fix corrects these problems:

  • Group 2.0's new indicator functionality was fixed.
  • Fixed the problem with Zigbee Power Outlet power reports being off by a factor of 10.
  • Corrected a UI glitch with entering negative numbers.
  • Lutron Shades driver: Fixed issue with errors being thrown.
  • Rule 4.0:
    • Fixed a bug regarding entering decimal points when setting variables.
    • Fixed the problem with Custom Colors.

Hub Version Available

This hot fix corrects these problems:

  • Lutron Shades driver: Fixed more issues with errors being thrown.

Hub Version Available

This hot fix release corrects a bug in Rule 4.0 relating to Number or Decimal Global Variables with a Variable Connector not doing arithmetic correctly.

There is also a feature addition to Motion Lighting: Don't Turn Off Between Two Times.


Hub Version Available

This hot fix corrects a bug in Rule 4.0 relating to adding values to Global Variables with a Variable Connector.

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Hub Version Available

This hot fix corrects an issue where for some users Rule Machine threw an error about ".toDouble".

There is also an addition to HSM Custom Rule to allow Smoke and Carbon Monoxide sensors.


Hub Version Available

This hot fix release, probably the last for 2.1.4, corrects an issue with HSM that prevented deleting an SMS phone number. SMS is being retired with 2.1.4, and our service for SMS will cease with release 2.1.5. See this post.


Hub Version Available

This minor hot fix corrects a bug in Rule 4.0 concerning raising and lowering volume of a music player.