Pending Retirement of Rule 3.0

Rule 3.0 Retirement

At some point in the not distant future, we will retire the ability to create new Rule 3.0 rules (most likely in Release 2.1.5).

This retirement in no way will affect existing Rule 3.0 rules. All existing rules will continue to function as before, and will continue to be editable. There is no need to convert Rule 3.0 rules to Rule 4.0. The only difference will be that the main page of Rule Machine will no longer offer a means to create a new Rule 3.0.

Because of the sharp departure in Rule Machine functionality that Rule 4.0 represents from prior versions, some users may desire to be able to continue to create Rule 3.0 Rules. Triggers, Actions and Schedules are basically unchanged from Rule 3.0 to Rule 4.0. Rule 3.0 Rules and Triggered Rules are not directly replicated in Rule 4.0, and represent a different method of specifying an automation.

For those who want to retain the ability to create Rule 3.0 rules beyond this retirement, a new feature has been added to Rule 3.0 to make this possible. When you create a new Rule 3.0 rule there is a new button at the bottom of the first page:

By clicking this button, the rule first page will be saved as a Rule 3.0 named Clone Master. In the future, this rule can be cloned in Rule Machine, and resulting clone used to create new Rule 3.0 rules. Once the clone is made, the resulting copy of Clone Master can become any type of Rule 3.0 rule, and be named as desired.


Simply amazing!

Thank you so much for this! I love RM 4 but for some things RM 3 is nice to use instead. Keep up the fantastic work.

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I've clicked the "Create Clone Master" and it appears in my Apps section. But, how do I then clone the "Clone Master" or any other App or Dashboard that I have for that matter? I know it is a simple question but would appreciate the help.

In Rule Machine, there is a button to clone a rule. Clone the Clone Master, and then change it's name when you create a rule from it.

Thank you.

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