Ikea Zigbee Repeaters - new Driver in 2.2.7 128 - Any explanation?

I have 8 of these.

This one's using the latest driver in

When clicking on Get Link Quality or Get Route Table is anything supposed to happen?

Is there another step required?

What shows up in the logs.
From memory if you have another session open looking at live logs, something should appear in there. Not sure though.


Thank you - I was expecting something to come up in the Current Status :slight_smile: \

Wow my zigbee is absolutely STONED!!!!

The signal bounces from one end of the house to the other several times before hitting this repeater.

The signal goes around all four corners of the house

Are you actually having any issues with your zigbee mesh?
TBH I don't look at mine unless things start to go pear shaped.
It wouldn't bother me if a device next to my hub repeated through through a device that is nowhere near the hub as long as it worked ok. Just my thoughts on it.
As I say, if you are having issues then that is a different matter.

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No I am not having issues with the zigbee network, that I am aware of….

But that is the nub of it.

I have deployed HE dead Center of the house and deployed 8 IKEA repeaters around the house, 4 downstairs, 3 upstairs and 1 in the garage. @ £8 each I don’t mind saturating the house with them.

For peace of mind it would be good to know the zigbee network is all good and not just hope.

It is the inner control freak coming out in me!


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Don't look at your Z-Wave mesh...just saying... :grinning:

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I did and they are on drugs.

Don’t connect to the repeater sat 12 inches away connect to the plug behind the TV that is the furthest away possible.

The meshing logic is voodoo to me


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Don't do a direct connection from the hub to a switch on the left side of the house...but use that same switch as a repeater from the other side of the house!

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FYI, this driver has been around for a long time, and isn't new to

I am pretty sure it was updated in 228 and it makes reference to this functionality.

I may have misread it.

Here are the release notes for

Logging changes were added to the Ikea drivers in The drivers themselves were added in 2.1.4.

Which, in real time, was not that long ago. But Hubitat comes out with new features and updates so regularly that it seems like a decade ago!


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I could have worn I saw it this morning when I upgraded to 228, just before I pushed the upgrade button it listed an update to the Ikea Repeater driver.

That is worrying,

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You most definitely did see it. This is because Hubitat displays the release notes for the first release of the major version with every update (i.e. rather than the incremental release notes for the minor version (eg. I wish they would show both!

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Aha, I thought I had seen it :slight_smile:

That explains it.