Hub Update 2.1.3

Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.3 is now available

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.1.2:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Improvements to Z-Wave joining process when device joins but does not finish initializing.
  • Dashboard removed SMS send of menu, replaced by mobile apps and Portal Access

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Twilio Notification (see this post about SMS changes coming)
    • Virtual Color Temperature Light
    • RGBgenie Controller ZB-3026 (monochrome controller panel)
    • RGBgenie Controller ZB-5028 (color remote)
    • Fibaro RGBW Controller (replaces beta version)
    • Sengled Element Classic
  • New tested devices:
    • Neo Coolcam Light switch 1 (NAS-SC02ZU-1)
    • Neo Coolcam Light switch 2 (NAS-SC02ZU-2)
    • Sengled Smart Window and Door Sensor (E1D-G73WNA)

New App

  • Mirror and Mirror Me child
    • A simple app which sends all available switch, level and color commands from one master device to any number of slave devices.
    • This app was specifically designed for use with controllers that have color wheels and or slider type control surfaces.

New App Features

  • Rule-4.0:
    • Added Log action: Writes a message to the Logs, for custom logging.
    • Added ability to use variables for all delays. Use %var-name% in the seconds delay field.
    • Added Local Variables. Local Variables are more efficient than Global Variables, but are not useful in Trigger or Wait events. If a Local Variable has the same name as a Global Variable, the Local Variable is used (beware wrt Trigger/Wait event variables, which must be uniquely Global).
    • Added Conditions and Events based on Last Event Device attribute values.
    • Added set Mode from variable.
    • Add timeouts for Wait for Events and Wait for Condition. Elapsed Time is being retired. See this post.
    • Restrictions are being retired. See this post.
    • Enhancements made to Time of Day condition to allow specific time in addition to ranges.
  • Amazon Echo Skill: Added support for contact and motion sensors.
  • Group: Optionally, don’t turn off lights that are already off, or turn on those that are on.
  • Motion Lighting: Added option to disable on/off by contact sensor open/closed.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule Machine:
    • Fixed bug with Wait for Event Elapsed Time.
    • Fixed bug with IF-THEN context.
    • Fixed bug with Manage Conditions for cloned rule.
    • Fixed to allow negative values for 3-axis attribute.
    • Fixed bug with Lock/Keypad codes as trigger throwing error in actions.
  • Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock, additional event decoding for BE469.
  • Lock Code Manager, Catch and log decryption failures.
  • Fixed group and virtual bulb driver incorrect colorMode issues.
  • Fixed Generic Z-Wave Shade Number Format Exception when opening.
  • Update Lutron Fan Controller events to match other fan controllers.
  • Zone Motion Controllers, fixed incorrect false motion with long activation windows.
  • Fixed Alexa “Device is not responding” response in some cases.
  • Genereic Z-Wave Contact Sensor fixed double events for the following devices:
    • Ecolink Contact Sensor 2.5
    • Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor 2.5
    • HomeSeer Contact Sensor

Motion Lighting Bug Warning

There is a bug in this release with Motion Lighting. If you have a problem with your Motion Lighting instances, opening the app instance and hitting Done will fix it. The fix for this bug will be in the next hot fix release.


Release Available

This hot fix release corrects the problem with Motion Lighting that caused it to not turn on lights until it had been opened and Done hit. Also, an obscure bug in Rule 4.0 related to stoping rule actions was corrected.

Rule 4.0 has 3 new Actions added, each for devices with capability Audio Volume: Set Volume, Mute and Unmute. Also, a Rule 4.0 rule will now identify itself in actions sent to control HSM. This would be visible in Location Events log or HSM app Events log.


Release Available

This hot fix release addresses a few issues with Rule Machine, Motion Lighting, and cloud connections.

Rule 4.0:

  • HSM commands now identify sending rule in event logs.
  • It is now possible to edit Custom Action parameters.
  • Bug fixed for Delay for an action from variable in seconds field.
  • UI glitch with IF-THEN fixed.
  • Stop Rule Actions renamed to Cancel Rule Timers for clarity.
  • Fixed sorting of Scene names.

Rule 3.0:

  • The ability to create a Master Clone rule for Rule 3.0 was added (see this post).

Motion Lighting:

  • Turn off from lux now follows other off options.

Cloud connections:

  • Added additional checks for cloud disconnect and recovery.

Release Available

This hot fix release addresses the reported bugs in Rule 4.0:

  • Fixed UI problems and failures with editing IF-THEN conditions.
  • Fixed Wait for Condition failure.
  • Fixed error throw with variable used with %variable-name%.

Release Available

This hot fix release, probably the last for 2.1.3, fixes the one bug in Rule 4.0 that was throwing on error on line 2582 (we hope -- hard to test).


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