[RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

Here's how:

When the device excludes, you'll see "Unknown device excluded" in the logs. Search the forum for examples of the issues with stranded z-wave devices (i.e. those that were reset, but not excluded, before being included again).

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That issue only seems to affect certain devices or possibly manufacturers, I have never had to re-join an Inovelli device after updating the firmware, it would be interesting to find out what causes the issue though.

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AFAIK, only Zooz. And it is by design.



This is a long thread to go through; I had posted this back in April after creating a bunch of stranded devices that brought my Hubitat to its knees.


No luck. But I am not capable of fixing the tool myself, so I am monitoring this thread.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who successfully updated their Leviton's.

A noob question - I am not seeing a driver called 'Z-Wave Firmware Updater' in the device list. What am I doing wrong?

Did you add the driver code?

Yeah, I did. But a delete and recreation of the driver fixed the issue. Not sure what happened the first time.

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This thread and people's experiences have evolved so much that it really needs to be congealed down into a few separate threads IMHO

  • Innovelli
  • Zooz
  • Aeotec
  • Leviton
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10 posts were split to a new topic: Thoughts on Z-Wave Security

I just ran into the same thing with a DZPD3 so apparently it's never been addressed.

I used this;

Major update supporting binary image files..

WARNING: This version due to the nature of most of the binary images, I am not able to pre-check the firmware descriptor to validate a match. Make sure you know what you are doing!

You need a valid direct firmware url, and you need to know the correct target. You get this information from your device manufacturer.. I do not know what is correct for your device.


The old version is safer as it does a lot of validation for you.. So if you don't have a need for it, stick with the old version.. This is for a recent uptick in secondary targets and 700 series encrypted firmware files.


@bcopeland, are we doing something wrong with your Leviton hex files and the earlier driver version?

No.. The files were not right.. And I haven’t had a chance to sit and figure out why.. I pulled the hex files offline since rhey weren’t working

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Good to know, thanks.

Yeah, good idea.

Ooo, is this what the .GBL files I've seen for 700-series firmware updates are? (I tried one for fun with the old tool and wasn't too surprised when it didn't work.)

And: I have a friend with a lot of Inovelli dimmers (and so secondary targets), who was hesitant to update all of his with the need for the external stick. He'll be quite happy if this works for him. Thanks! :smiley: (I'll be happy, too, but my C-3 is humming along with a Z-Stick that makes this easy for that hub.)

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I just pushed an update.. There was an issue if you selected target 0


can this version also be used to update the inovelli .bin files?