[Release] Konke ZigBee Temperature Humidity Sensor Driver

I've put up a driver for Konke ZigBee 3.0 Temperature Pressure Sensor (based on a Xiaomi/Aqara Temperature Pressure Sensor driver by @veeceeoh).

Let me know if you find any issues with the driver.

The code: hubitat/konke-zigbee-temp-humidity-sensor.groovy at master · muxa/hubitat · GitHub


I was just looking at these devices again...

How do they do the temperature reporting? On a specific delta (like the Xiaomi), set time, other? And is it configurable, or fixed (again like the xiaomi).

I'm basically looking for something that works like the Xiaomi/Awara temp/humidity sensor - but actually zigbee compliant.

They are ~$13/ea on banggood, so would be an attractive if they don't have the same quirks as the Xiaomi/Aqara. EDIT: I went ahead and ordered 4 of them to play with. Ship from China, so maybe be a few weeks.

I don't know how they report exactly, but the reporting is quite regular. Here's a screenshot of the event log for the sensor:

What I have noticed though is that the battery level was only reported once yesterday (I have been using the sensor only for a day so far). Will check how often the battery level gets reported and post an update here.

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I just ordered one of these also, for the same reason that @JasonJoel did.
I'm tired of using non-standard devices.

The Xiaomi devices would report humidity when it changed by a certain %.
What about the Konke?

FWIW, they'll be on sale at AliExpress for $8.24 in 1d 5h ....

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Ordered a dozen this morning. I figure if they suck, well... I've wasted 5x more on thermostats and locks in the past... LOL.

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Ha! You and me both. I bought 8. At less than $60, it was worth the risk.

I must be cheap. I just ordered one to see if it would work!
If this will allow me to get rid of those non-standard Xiaomi/Aqara sensors.....

Hmmm, not so sure about that. I'm pulling for you, but I ordered a Konke motion sensor to play with and was not impressed. Maybe it just needs a good driver, but it doesn't seem to report inactive. Not sure they're being truthful in their descriptions.

There - fixed that for you :joy:

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Well we already know the temp/humidity sensor pairs and works at least a little with HE (from the OP). So wasn't a blind jump.


No of course. I'm just not sure these are following a standard. I'm guessing based on one experience though, so it doesn't mean much.

1... 16... That's about the same. :wink:

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@SmartHomePrimer @JasonJoel @muxa

My Konke's came in. They paired right away to my Hubitat with the Peanut/SmartThings outlets as repeaters. That Hubitat is on Zigbee Channel 20.

They simply refuse to pair to my Hubitat with all the Aqara sensors that has Tradri outlets and USB repeaters. That Hubitat is on Zigbee Channel 23. I got so many sensors on there that I am reluctant to change zigbee channels.

So here's hoping they stay paired to the Peanut Hubitat .....

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Good info. Channels above 20 have always been problematic for me. So I'm on 17 and 18 now (wifi 20 MHz width on 1 and 11).

I have one hub with all Ikea repeaters and Xiaomi devices. The other hub has all of my other zigbee, including a samsung outlet (known to be bad for Xiaomi).

Hopefully mine will be coming in soon. Hasn't been a shipping status update on either order for 10 days, so who knows where they are? :smile:

Mine didn't update until they showed up at Customs in Chicago and from then it took 4 days (probably because yesterday was Sunday).

Edit - Also, first time I've ordered something from Banggood/GearBest/AliExpress that was clearly examined by US Customs. The box had been opened, couple of sensors were unpackaged/repackaged, and that box had US Customs tape sealing it.

So, I got mine a few days ago.
I put it right next to a centralite and a manual device.
It's close, but not exactly the same as those devices.
However, it has continued to report, and has not fallen from the Zigbee mesh. (Since November 13th, when it was first included.
I pronounce this device a winner!


That's good to hear. What zigbee channel are you using?

Zigbee channel 20 - no issues.


@jtmpush18 @JasonJoel

Skimming through the discussion in the link below, it seems as if the Konke Zigbee 3.0 devices only like zigbee channels 15, 20, and 23.

It will be interesting to see how they do on your hubs @JasonJoel