Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

I think in the long run, based on personal experience with Xiaomi and those sensors in particular, you will be happy with the Peanut plug as many other owners of it are.

Amazon.com is again selling Centralite temp/humidity sensors and they will work without issue.

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@simdim or you could add a second hub networked together using hubconnct and use one hub for Xiaomi compatible devices and the other for non Xiaomi compatible devices.
I have a similar setup (three hubs).

The only other ZigBee hub I have is Philips Hue and I do not think I can pair Xiaomi to it, can I?

I don't think so.
I do not have any Hue but a Hue hub networked would be fine for Hue bulbs that are not good repeaters.

I have 3 hubitat hubs and 1 SmartThings hub networked together.

What about the getting a Smartthings Contact, Temp, Vibration sensor ??


Unless you’re looking for Humidity. If you are, then Centralite, otherwise the Samsung is a good call for temp.

There’s some testing ongoing with the Konke, but not sure what the requirements are as far as Zigbee mesh and how that’s working out.

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Not possible on a Hue bridge

I should be receiving mine in the next week. I'm going to pair them with an HE where all the repeaters are either Tradfri outlets or Tradfri USB repeaters. I'll post my experience here a week after receiving them.

I'm going to monitor their capacity to stay connected and respond to changes in temperature relative to ecobee sensors. I have no easy way to accurately measure relative humidity.

Do you have peanut plugs though right? I think if you could test that, it would help determine if they work without people having to limit their setup to the TRÅDFRI outlets and repeaters

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I do. On the other Hubitat.

Okay - so changed plan. I'll put 4 on the HE with Tradfri stuff, and 4 on the HE that has Peanut plugs and 2 Samsung outlets as zigbee repeaters.

Data will be forthcoming.


That’ll be great. I’ll order one myself if it works. I’m getting kind of tired of the Xiaomi humidity sensor I have dropping, and I hate the Ongoing prospect of having to limit the Zigbee products I can buy. I’d really like to move the last two Xiaomi Motion Sensors I still have on HE to the Aqara hub and get that Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor out of my house

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We'll find out for sure in couple weeks. Guess what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving - next week). Yours was last month, wasn't it?

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No idea when my gaggle of konke are coming. They all shipped, though, and are somewhere between China and here.

Yeah Canadian Thanksgiving is usually October 13 I think, and I used to do both here, but that got silly just for turkey. Only time I still celebrate American Thanksgiving is when I happen to be visiting family at that time.

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As of today mine are in the US. Chicago was the port of entry and they are with USPS. So I'm guessing I'll get them on Saturday or Monday.


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I can now recommend another great router option for the Aqara devices. The CC2531 zigbee sniffer flashed with the free firmware at this site

are excellent. They interoperate perfectly with both IKEA and Xiaomi devices. This can be the lowest cost router option as the CC2531 is available on both EBay and AliExpress for $5 or less in quantity. However you will need to purchase a CC2531 Sniffer Protocol Analyzer USB Interface Dongle +Zigbee Downloader Cable. This may be about $15. With this cable you can flash custom firmware from the site listed at the beginning of the post. More information can be found on the site

The Hubitat seems to prefer routing through the CC2531 over the IKEA devices. I have 65 Aqara Temperature sensors 16 IKEA Routers and 24 CC2531


I noticed in my system that the Aqara devices preferred the hub instead the ikea outlets, I replaced them with ikea repeaters and got the same result... with this price I could changed to your suggestion instead of those ikea.


I happen to already have that... As I use a CC2531 as a zigbee sniffer for when I'm tinkering with device drivers.

I guess I should look sometime and see if there are any 3d printer cases for CC2531 devices (I can't leave bare PCB around, my cats will eat it/chew it apart... really. :slight_smile: ).

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Yup, jackpot on free designs too: