Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

I must also add, in all honesty, that even with Ikea Tradfri Repeaters, you have to make sure that other types of devices are NOT showing up as repeaters. That will kill your Aqara devices.

(There is somewhere in this forum a technical note from the master @veeceeoh as to why these Aqara devices act as crazy as they do.)

I'm looking forward to the forthcoming release of the Zigbee 3.0 version of these sensors. Then, I'll have my cake (cheap functional sensors), and be able to eat it too! (reliable and dependable).

How? The only thing I could think of is with a stick like the HUSBZB-1 or a Zigbee "shield" if one exists. But that would create another coordinator (more or less "hub"), and a Zigbee network can have only one. A "router" (repeater) is what you need, and if you're just looking for something easily powered like USB, an Xbee or Trådfri repeater would suffice (the latter is a lot eaiser to set up--there is basically no setup) and be Xiaomi-friendly.

Even with line of sight, it's probably best to have at least one repeater (and if you have more than 32 "end devices"--non-repeaters--it's necessary).

Let's hope so! But they could also mis-implement Zigbee 3.0 or raise prices to what North American users are used to seeing if they get marketed more widely. I'm hoping for the same, but time will tell.

This sounds like this could be another plug for @iharyadi ‘s powerful Zigbee external sensor / repeater. Check the forums.

I didn't know that. Thought I could use it as an "access point" of some kind. But I also had thought it might have a stronger zigbee radio, and I'd use the stick as my zigbee hub. I had looked at Xbee a while back and should probably look at it again.

That all said, most of my devices are working much better now that I've removed Chromecast beta from my HE. With everything working smoother, maybe the aqara devices will continue to work better as well.

All my mains powered switches have always worked, it is only the wireless switches that drop off. I reconfigured my wifi and channel selection for the Zigbee and reconnected the ikea plugs first then the Xiaomi switches one at a time and all seemed to work fine, no drops for a month, then a power cut!!! and then back to the old drop offs, so started again and still get the same, the switches work and 10 minutes or an indeterminate time period (could be a day) later they don't. If you repeatedly tap the switches they suddenly come back on so god knows what is happening.

Hi All
I am mostly using Z-Wave devices and they are working fine, however decided to to save some sensor money and got one Xiaomi/Aqara Temperature-Humidity-Presure sensor (square one). I had tried all the usual tricks (resting ZigBee stick, changing channels - curently on 20 but had tried 11,13,25) - no matter what sensor stops reporting after 40 min like clockwork. Two other Zigbee devices Peanut Plugs are rock solid.
ZiigBee logs look normal:

a12019-11-21 12:20:03.999 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x403, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-55

a12019-11-21 12:20:03.997 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x405, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-56

a12019-11-21 12:20:03.893 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x402, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-55

Sensor is about 10 ft from the hub.
My question is - could this be defective sensor or I just need to forget about it and stick with Zooz 4-in-1 that I had been using.


@simdim See below from the first post

So in essence the moment Xiaomi hops on Peanut repeater it is toast, and I need to make a choice do I like Peanut enough to stay or Xiaomi to come in ...

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I think in the long run, based on personal experience with Xiaomi and those sensors in particular, you will be happy with the Peanut plug as many other owners of it are.

Amazon.com is again selling Centralite temp/humidity sensors and they will work without issue.

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@simdim or you could add a second hub networked together using hubconnct and use one hub for Xiaomi compatible devices and the other for non Xiaomi compatible devices.
I have a similar setup (three hubs).

The only other ZigBee hub I have is Philips Hue and I do not think I can pair Xiaomi to it, can I?

I don't think so.
I do not have any Hue but a Hue hub networked would be fine for Hue bulbs that are not good repeaters.

I have 3 hubitat hubs and 1 SmartThings hub networked together.

What about the getting a Smartthings Contact, Temp, Vibration sensor ??


Unless you’re looking for Humidity. If you are, then Centralite, otherwise the Samsung is a good call for temp.

There’s some testing ongoing with the Konke, but not sure what the requirements are as far as Zigbee mesh and how that’s working out.

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Not possible on a Hue bridge

I should be receiving mine in the next week. I'm going to pair them with an HE where all the repeaters are either Tradfri outlets or Tradfri USB repeaters. I'll post my experience here a week after receiving them.

I'm going to monitor their capacity to stay connected and respond to changes in temperature relative to ecobee sensors. I have no easy way to accurately measure relative humidity.

Do you have peanut plugs though right? I think if you could test that, it would help determine if they work without people having to limit their setup to the TRÅDFRI outlets and repeaters

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I do. On the other Hubitat.

Okay - so changed plan. I'll put 4 on the HE with Tradfri stuff, and 4 on the HE that has Peanut plugs and 2 Samsung outlets as zigbee repeaters.

Data will be forthcoming.


That’ll be great. I’ll order one myself if it works. I’m getting kind of tired of the Xiaomi humidity sensor I have dropping, and I hate the Ongoing prospect of having to limit the Zigbee products I can buy. I’d really like to move the last two Xiaomi Motion Sensors I still have on HE to the Aqara hub and get that Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor out of my house

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We'll find out for sure in couple weeks. Guess what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving - next week). Yours was last month, wasn't it?

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