[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

I just wanted to post and let the community know that we have Drivers ready for all of the Inovelli devices! This includes our:

Gen 1 Devices:
1-Channel plug in module
2-Channel plug in module
Outdoor 1-Channel plug in module
Outdoor 2-Channel plug in module
Dimmer plug in module
In-Wall Dimmer
In-Wall Switch
Door / Window Sensor

Gen 2 Devices:
Black Switch & Dimmer
Red Switch & Dimmer
4-in-1 Sensor
Multi-White Bulb
Fan + Light Controller

The handlers should support all the features of these devices such as:

LED Bar Notifications
Scene support (mapped to button presses)
LED indicator
Invert Switch
Auto Off
Report interval (Door / Window Sensor)
and more

We are really excited to bring these to the Hubitat community and are looking forward to seeing this platform progress. We are also excited about the much needed local control and lightning fast response times of how our devices behave on Hubitat.

Here is the repository where you can find our Drivers:


Special thanks to @stephack for his work on the 2-Channel modules. :slight_smile:


@ericm Glad you guys are officially on the Hubitat side of things. There is a compatible device Wiki where anyone can edit the original post. I will update the version I posted for the dual outdoor to point to this post. I will edit the title to be All Inovelli Devices. You can edit the wiki to list all your devices if you like.

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It’s nice to see a hardware company providing drivers.:slight_smile: The community here is great, of course, but the more the merrier.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

I think I will update it with the individual products so people know all of what is available when they look at that list.

Awesome! We have a few of these, and the scene support is fantastic. Well done!

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It took me a while to sort out how to get the switch to work as separate switches, so heres the following guide:

Go to the github page linked above and copy the raw text for your device
paste this into the drivers code--> new driver on hubitat.

Add the zwave device as normal, following Inovelli's included instructions (standard discover +power on device near hubitat)

Set the zwave device type as the inovelli device and save. You should now be able to manually control he device, but not automate it independently. To do this, add the following:

Add the "simulated switch" config to your drivers code --New driver

Now, copy the "Virtual apps sync" config from inovelli's github into apps code--> new app
Go to Apps, click new app, then load the new user app "Virtual device sync" at the bottom.

From here, select the actual switch, then select the type of virtual switch to make, and you should now have two accessible switches you can automate rules with.

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@ericm, any plans to convert this back to a composite driver now that Hubitat support component devices?

Yeah, absolutely. I actually messed around with it for some time over the weekend. I cannot get the parent methods called by the child to work (childOn, childOff, etc.). Can't find any examples, so I kind of reached a dead end. The methods are getting called, but the Z-Wave command is not getting sent. So, I'm currently waiting for more information about them to be released.

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In order to allow the child devices to call methods of the parent, you MUST add custom command definitions for each method you want exposed.

command "childOn"
command "childOff"

I found this issue over the weekend as well.

What is weird is that the parent's methods do get called, but my zigbee commands contained within them were not executed until I added the custom command definitions. Give it a try and let us know if it solves the issue for you as well.

@chuck.schwer Can you think of any reason why we have to expose the parent's methods as custom commands in order for the LAN, Z-Wave, Zigbee actions to work correctly when called by a child device?


Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

Hiya, I just got a couple nzw30s switches in, and it's awesome that hubitat already has support for them. I was wondering if there was a way to disable relay control. Like in the second half of this video. There's no option for it in the current device driver. I see a couple of [Disable Local Control] settings. But they don't seem to work. I'd like to use one tap to turn on and off all my bulbs, but not the circuit. Pretty much like in the video I linked. The switches are on the 1.03 firmware if it matters.

I'll have to check the handler to see what is going on, but you should be able to enable / disable the feature by tapping on the down button 8x. Try that out and I'll get back about handler support.

Thanks a bunch! The 8x taps got the feature enabled.

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So it looks like Hubitat doesn't yet support the "protection" command class which is what the driver uses to enable / disable the relay. So it looks like the 8x tap is how to do it for the time being.

As for the 2-Channel drivers, I have updated them so that they use parent / child relationship. I'll link to the required child device handler in the first post.

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Thanks for these! I just got the two-channel indoor plug (NZW37) with scene support and have two questions about the drivers:

  1. The only one I see on GitHub doesn't appear to support scenes (it does implement PushableButton but nothing else is handled as far as I can see). Is this for the older version without scenes or am I missing something?

  2. Is there a way with this driver to make each outlet separately controllable via, for example, automations or voice control? I'm thinking of the Hampton Bay Fan Controller ZigBee module, which has the option of enabling two "child" devices that show up under the "parent"/main device in the IDE but also expose themselves as full-fledged devices to apps and whatnot. Maybe my question is more about how multichannel Z-Wave devices work on Hubitat in general (this is my first), but I'd like to think there's something cleaner than ST where the last time I used it I had to create virtual devices and "sync" them via a custom app (yours, if I'm not mistaken) with their corresponding channel on the parent. The way this ZigBee device is handled looks great to me.

Thanks for any help!

Hi there. Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. It looks like the scene support may not be in the handler that is on github right now. I'll have to fix that.

  2. The handler should create child devices for the individual channels. They should automatically be created, but if they aren't for some reason, you might need to click the preferences save button:

Oh, and you need to have the child device handler installed:

I have updated the driver for the NZW37 for scene support. It supports 1 scene by pressing the button 4x. It is interpreted in Hubitat as button 1 pushed.


Just wanted to mention some driver updates that I just posted to Github. Because of firmware updates by the Hubitat team, the NZW30/S & NZW31/S now support all of their features including Local Protection from the driver preferences and direct Z-Wave association support using the Z-Wave association tool (Hubitat/Apps/z-waveat at master · InovelliUSA/Hubitat · GitHub).

Thanks to @mike.maxwell and the Hubitat team for working on those Z-Wave command classes!


I hope hubitat will get git repo integration working soon just for this reason!

So I have to update my DH ?

Yep, just update the code. Hopefully some way to easily keep code up to date will come down the road.