Inovelli NZW31S install

I just installed and older Inovelli NZW31S switch today. I've had it sitting around forever because I hate installing smart switches in multi-gang boxes, but put it in today in hopes that it will help with pairing my Schlage lock (the switch is next to the door). It installed and included fine, but it included as a generic Z-Wave device. I had to change the device type in the device properties. I have read in other threads that there is a driver for this switch, but it doesn't show up in the device list. I currently have it installed as a Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer, and it is working, but I would like to use the specific driver so that I have full functionality, including scenes.

So the questions are: Why did the switch include as a generic device, and how do I install the correct Inovelli driver for it?

As always, thanks for the help. It's been steep curve moving from Wink to Hubitat (and I still REALLY miss Stringify), but the help from the community has been great, and it has become more fun as I've figured out that RM is not quite as intimidating as it seems at first.

This tutorial will walk you through loading the code.

and the inovelli drivers are listed here.

Thank you Ryan. I didn't realize it wasn't a built-in driver. Now it all makes sense.

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