Question about Inovell child driver changes and forum software

I just installed the same driver and I wonder about this post that suggest the need of install switch child device but in the main driver (NZW37) the name of driver specified for child devices is generic component switch (the built in driver from hubitat).
I though it would be better with your driver and set it to your driver manually but it seem to not change anything...
Not sure to understand everything but its the way to learn! :slight_smile:

Can you please make an effort to consolidate your posting of the same question into a single post, as you have been asked multiple times now? Again, please read the Community Guidelines.

I believe I answered this question for you in the other thread. Have you tried any of those ideas? [EDIT: looks like you may have; I just saw this first. One more reason...] Also, Inovelli's drivers used to require a custom child driver, but many were rewritten to use built-in component drivers. I suspect that is the other part of your question--and that answer.


Ho! I m sorry to try to understand by checking on every post I can find. I just ask question that I think its related with the post itself. The thing I said in the post here is that the person tell the guy to install the child driver but in the main driver the child is not used, so I was confused and try to understand.
And, I think I do not ask any question on inovelli driver on other post! On other post I was asking on how to reconnect my parent/child device because I changed the type item (driver) onm my alive device that lost its link with the child, so not the same thing.
Just to be sure, because I would not be responsible for any discord, if I try to find information on a subject within the forum, I MUST ask at only one thread? My question is that I check multiple thread and find some information on different post, so if I ask something somewhere and find something else on the same subject but in different post, how can I ask the person that telling this thing in the other post where I first ask? The person who was telling the thing wont be there to tell what he think... That why I reply different post. Maybe I missunderstand on how its working but I still free to ask and you answer me like I was aware of thing I dont know.
Again, I was asking a question based on a certain reply inside this threat that is about the driver I just installed and its not related with my other question.

Right, I believe this is because the Inovelli driver has been updated since the multiple-years-old-post you found that said this.

For the non-Inovelli issues:

You can find answers to several of your questions in the Community Guidelines I linked to above and in one of your other posts on the subject. Please read them. I can tell you didn't click on the link (no one has -- the forum software will put a number next to it to show). :wink:

But to address one question ...

You can tag (@) their username if you want, or just ask the question -- lots of people read posts no matter where they are posted, and some people don't like to be tagged, though it doesn't seem to bother most on this forum.

Further, just because you tag someone or post in a topic they've also posted in doesn't mean they will answer. Someone being active in the past on the forum does not guarantee that they are still active, some people do not check it frequently even if they are, etc.

It's partly a matter of preference, but it's almost always better to:

  • start a new topic instead of replying to one that has not had activity for years or sometimes even months (consider things like the driver change above--the post is no longer relevant)
  • post all your issues about a single device, driver, or other related issue in one single topic/thread, perhaps of your own creation, instead of scattering it among multiple topics
    • or perhaps your questions are all slightly different, and spending a bit more time proofreading for typos and whatnot would help others understand the question better, as some are difficult to read for that reason now

Also, I've moved these posts to their own topic to help with the above.

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thanks its helpfull because I m not using the forum until I got issue so I m not there much.
Thanks again, maybe a last thing, sometimes I found some post/reply/discussion that I found interesting and I would like to know if I can reply on those to be part of the discussion? I mean, it could turn aroud the subject and make some question to be asked to follow the discussion... would it count as a 'already ask question' ? Its hard to respect the guidelines that way when youre on a discussion.
thanks again! sure it will help a lot of people!

Again, there are times when this is more of an art than a science. It's certainly OK to ask a question again if you don't understand the answer, however, I think.

But please do read the guidelines. It is still apparent that the link has never been clicked. :wink:

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yes I ll do it as soon as I get the time to read it from start to end, maybe tonight!
Thanks again!

Also, if this is all an attempt to use "health status" of a device as nearly all of these posts are about, that effort is unlikely to work well for all devices. I would strongly suggest an approach like Device Activity Check instead (which can work with this non-standard attribute if present but allows you to create whatever criteria for any device).

But keep in mind that, no matter what you do, Zigbee and Z-Wave are not "always connected" protocols. They generally send and (for some devices) receive messages as needed, and the best you can do to ascertain some sort of status is to see what activity may have been generated in some expected timeframe--one of the exact things this app can do (and really all that most drivers do too).


This is correct. Five years ago when the referenced post was written, Hubitat did not have built in component drivers or they had only recently been released. As time went on the driver was modified to use the built in child driver.


Thanks for your help! Its appreciated to learn about how the devices/hub communication works. I found the metadata code to add the capability but for now it changes nothing, it probably miss something since on ST its supported. Actually, for wath I saw the drivers seems to check at some interval if the device is online so I could use the same with webcore even if it would be less trouble to be able to do it within the driver...
My goal is that (lets say a christmas tree plug for the light) and a child nor something unplug it. If its within the ON state, it would not return on when reconnected, so I need to use the app or other way to bring it back on... So if I could detect the event and as soon as its online it trig an event to check if it supposed to be on and turn it on as needed. Its the same for all devices that can be unplugged and also true for all devices during power outage.
For power outage I can use the ST hub so if it goes offline I know its a power outage or something but for 'manually unplugged' the only way for now is to check with interval within each pistons.

Once again, this scattering of posts in different topics is making things hard to keep track of...

I assume you're talking about this other post where someone showed you how to add the healthStatus attribute to the driver? If so, you are missing the other part of what this poster mentioned:

Adding this attribute alone won't do anything. You would need logic in the driver to set the attribute to the desired value based on whatever criteria you want. This would often be a time-based reporting thing.

Or, again, you can use an app like Device Activity Check that does this for you at the app level. :slight_smile: Personally, I do not think it would be a good use of your time to try to replace every driver in use on your hub with a custom driver that is modified to support this attribute. That is a goal that will likely never be accomplished (maybe for an instant, but then what if you add a new device?), and whatever reward there may be for the ones that do is unlikely to be worth the effort given the other solutions.

That is why many people use an approach like the one I suggested (and has also been suggested to you by others in other topics).

And it doesn't have to be either-or; you can use such an app with attributes for devices that do offer it.


Just to specify, I was not asking anything here but just saying thanks for help and telling what my goal is at final. The other post you speak of I already told there that its not working.
Sorry if it looks like other thing, I ll just stop replying!

For now I m looking for watchdog but not sure if it ll do the job, if not I ll try with webcore and check interval.
Have a nice day!