[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

FWIW, I had to click 'save' under Features as @ericm suggested, but it otherwise worked right away!

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Thank you BIGTIME @ericm for hooking us up on the Inovelli devices...HUUUUGE help!
The steps that worked for me for my Inovelli ShowHome ZW37 are like this:

  1. Add the device drivers for the parent and child as mentioned earlier in this thread.
  2. Put the HE in 'Z-Wave Exclude' Mode via Settings, Z-Wave Information, 'Z-Wave Exclude' Mode and then click discover devices.
  3. Press On/Off on the device 5+ times quickly. DONE!!
    The Parent and 2 Child Switches are discovered and displayed in your device list.
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Couple things.

  1. My NZW30 switch found and identified properly

  2. My NZW31 dimmers identified as "device" (obviously not problem changing the DH but just an FYI)

  3. Can someone explain how the child devices of the 31 work?

  4. And is there someplace that describes all the options on the 31 DH? There are some in there I have no idea what they are for.


Hi there, can you post a screen shot of the inclusters for the nzw31?

For the child devices, they are to allow you to change configuration options for the switch with basically any app that can control a dimmer or switch. For example, if you want to have the default level for the switch be 20% after 8pm, you can use rule machine to change the level of the "Default Level" child device to 20% at 8pm. This was created as a workaround for not being able to change device preferences from apps. It was created for SmartThings and ported over to Hubitat, but to be honest, I haven't tested them on Hubitat. They should work though.

As for config options, which ones are you wondering about?


Default Local Level (On/Off)
Default Z-Wave Level (On/Off)

ASSUMING the following are all for Association groups?
Send Command on Local Action (On/Off)
send command on 3 way action (on/Off)
Send command on zwave action (on/Off)
send command on auto off timer (on/Off)

It's just the way the options around grouped in the HE page...it's not very clear sometimes.

Also it seems as if there is a default ramp in the switch over a few seconds. Any way to change that?

Otherwise...I'll admit...I just dumped a bunch of GE/Jasco switches and just put in about a dozen Inovelli's....I like them that much. VERY fast and easy to use.

Since we are on the topic...the ONLY GE's I have left are the models with the motion sensor built in....so...if you were looking for more product ideas. PLEASE! :smiley:

Ok, so default local level is the level that the switch turns to when you turn it on at the wall. By default, it goes to the previous level it was on before being turned off. The default config value for that is 0 (0=previous level). If you want the switch to always come on at say 10% when controlled at the wall, then you set this config value to 10. Maybe you don't want the light to come on at a blinding level in the middle of the night when you are going to the bathroom for example.

The Default Z-Wave level is the same concept, except this is for when the on command is sent to the switch via z-wave. What level do you want it to go to when telling the switch "turn on".

As for the other settings you mention, yes, they are association related. You get to choose which actions send commands to the associated devices. For example, if you want a particular switch to turn off 1 hour after it is turned on you set the auto-off config to 60. You have a couple other switches associated with that switch, but you don't want those switches to turn off after 60 seconds so you turn off the option that says "send command on auto off timer".

So you really just get to customize things how you want them to work.

Thank you very much!

Don't forget about adding those motion sensors :wink:

Awesome support..which is why I'm swapping out all my switches with Inovelli!

Any chance of a Black Friday sale?


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Oh yeah, sorry, forgot to comment on that. That is actually a product that was recently brought up among the team. It is on our radar, but no plans to make something like it at this time.

@GatVlieg I don't think we have one planned, but I will throw it out to our marketing team.

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I have a few questions.

  • If I want to adjust the default on level during certain times I would need to do so using the 'child device' ? That essentially creates a virtual version (where that option can be controlled) of the actual dimmer switch ? Am I understanding that correctly?

  • Any idea when the paddle switches will be back in stock? Had to order another brand this week. I still need like 20 more switches on top of the 14 I have now.

  • I have a nightmare of a basement with 5 switches all controlling the same 4 lights in the common area/hallway. Can the on/off work with that many dumb switches as long as they're 3way and not 4way or is the limit 3?

Let me try to answer:

  • You are correct. That is the purpose of the child devices is to automate your device settings with other apps such as Rule Machine. I have the default local level setup like this: Rule Machine sets the child device to 99% during the day, 50% in the evening, and 10% after 10PM. This way, when someone turns on a light in the middle of the night it doesn't blind them but goes to 10%.

  • This is a tough one to answer. We are in the process of switching to a much better manufacturer and hope to have our devices in stock at the beginning at the next year. I am truly sorry about that and wish it could be different, but we are working as hard as possible to get our devices out to customers.

  • Currently the limit is 4-way (if the line and load are in the same box), or 3-way if they are in different boxes. We do support setting up direct associations between switches that can accommodate more switches, but then the extra switches would be Inovelli switches and not dumb switches.

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Makes sense now for the child device. Guess I need to install that now. No biggie on the out of stock issue. I most likely won't buy anymore until after the holidays anyway.

What do you mean by the limit being 4-way? I'm under the impression that tandard 4-way wiring supports many more switches than 3 as long as there is a 3 way at the beginning and end of however many 4-ways in between. Or do you mean the inovelli only supports two dumb switches at a time ? I misspoke before. I have 4 switches controlling 3 lights. I'm doubtful that all the lights come down into the same box though. Haven't bothered opening them yet since I'm still buyign for upstairs atm

I just wanted to let you know the limits on wiring our current switches with dumb switches. 3-way wiring with a dumb switch can work when the line and load are in the same box or when they are in separate boxes.

Same box:

Different boxes:

In a 4-way configuration (with 2 dumb switches), the line & load need to be coming into the same box. I don't have a diagram off hand for that one.

As far as I know we currently don't support a 5-way setup.


Eric I have an 4-way application to convert to ZWave with a to be purchased NZW31 ( I already have two and plan on staying exclusively with them).

I am terrible at following step by step directions and prefer to understand the details.

My question is: what possibilities are there to control the light using the traveler feature / connection?

Looking at your 3 way I see the dumb or remote switch simply grounds the traveler or not. Are there any other possibilities? Perhaps momentary or some other variation?

My Ideal installation would have the "main" NZW31,
And the remotes to be momentary both top and bottom of the paddle.
The goal is that pressing the top of the paddle on any of the switches will turn the light on, or leave it on if the light is already on. And the inverse for off.

I realize I could purchase 3 NZW31's and use rules to control the lights, but without direct association the sometimes time lag through the hub is unacceptable.

Any possibility of such a configuration?


I tested momentary switches on the traveler some time ago, but I honestly have forgotten the outcome. I will test it out again and let you know.

As for associations, we do have an app that can be used with our drivers to set associations between devices. It is as about as responsive as you can get (basically instant).


Thanks for the response. I will have to try the app.

I have a follow on question:
Topic is replacing a current 4 way light circuit with smart dimmers.

I would like to have each switch / dimmers be able to turn on, off and dim.

If I purchased 3 NZW 31's, wired them all to 120Vdc, but only one to my lights, Could I associate them in such a way as to behave "as one" but in 3 locations?


I believe that's what Eric is talking about above. Using that app set associations between them and then they all act like the same switch...but (someone will will correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure) I believe this is done with zwave directly from switch to switch. No hub involved at all. So when one switch changes those changes are broadcasted to the other switches directly. Hence why Eric said it was fast.

Hi @jrfarrar I understand the concept of direct association. I have seen things like switches setup:
S1 --> S2
S1 --> S3

But I would also need (for this setup)
S2 --> S1
S3 --> S1
S2 --> S3
S3 --> S2
I don't know if these additional associations are possible.

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I would have to test that, but usually you would setup something like this for a 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way:

S1 - Has the load connected. You would then associate:

S2 --> S1
S3 --> S1
S4 --> S1

All of the switches would control the load of S1 and would act like a traditional n-way circuit.

In your example above, this is what I am not sure about:

S2 --> S3
S3 --> S2

If S2 and S3 don't have a load attached, we don't really need to be concerned about the associations to them. They will just control the state of S1.

Hi, perhaps I was a little carried away with my associations.

I believe the S1 (load) to others will do what we want.

S1 - Has the load connected. You would then associate:
S2 --> S1
S3 --> S1
S4 --> S1

Can I assume all functions (On / Off / Dim / brighten) are available on all 3 switches?