Inovelli Switches, Hubitat, and webCoRE

I have been attempting to make the switch from smartthings to habitat but struggling with devices getting the same features. I am heavily invested in inovelli switches with the scene functions and automation through webCoRE. Drivers exist but use of the buttons on the webCoRE on hubitat are different than they are on webCoRE on smartthings. I can't figure out how to select specific buttons for scene functions in webCoRE. Rule machine and the button functions are too simple for the automations I am currently using.

Issue is that I cant select the button functions for actions in webCoRE. Any advice on using the scene functionality in webCoRE on hubitat?

@kcwalter: Welcome!

@ericm released a series of drivers for the inovelli devices:

I have a couple inovelli devices myself, but I do not use any of the scene functions. If you run across additional apps or drivers you are porting over, here is a thread by @EdwardN on some things to keep in mind:

Appreciate the link, I will take a look. I have the drivers installed and can use the buttons through the native habitat button controller app but it doesn't translate to webCoRE for whatever reason. I tend to use more involved button logic than button control allows for... timeout's for kids, certain time do something vs. other times for light in kids room etc. Anyway appreciate the link.

I'm not sure if (the Hubitat fork of) webCoRE has fully implemented support for Hubitat's button model, which differs from SmartThings' in a few ways. I think some Xiaomi device drivers had to do something special for webCoRE, but I'm not sure if that was for buttons or for times or something else. In any case, I'm sure you've heard the warnings of webCoRE on Hubitat, or at least the original fork of it--the newer one is reported to work better (fewer or no hub slowdowns or lockups) for many. It's still something to consider.

Perhaps you could elaborate on what you're trying to do. A couple hub firmware updates ago, Button Controller got upgraded to version 3.0, which added most of the same actions as Rule Machine 3.0, which itself was added a firmware version or so before that. Both are much more powerful than they used to be if you used earlier versions. You'll likely find that whatever you used to do in webCoRE because it was difficult or impossible to (easily) do in Rule Machine can now be done in Rule Machine 3.0, if not Button Controller--ordered sets of actions; delays before, after, or on actions (with or without "cancel on truth change," similar to webCoRE's task cancellation policy--something many webCoRE users are unaware of but is NOT enabled by default in RM); and the use of global variables, among things you've always been able to do (nearly any action, setting/getting a private boolean, etc.).

The current release of webCoRE on HE should have all the button model items.

If you post more details we can see what is up.