Inovelli NZW37 no Channel support?

I just added an Inovelli NZW37, and installed this driver:

I can turn the whole thing (both channels) on/of, but I can't control the channel individually. in the device page when I try to turn the child on/of nothing happens. I saw somewhere how the child channels should show up separately in the device list, but I'm not seeing that.

Thanks in advance.

There is a second driver needed for the child devices.

Read this post (and thread a bit). There may be other drivers to install. I don't recall if he rolled everything up into the parent/child drivers.

@bjcowles do I add the second driver as a new driver too? Can I assign two drivers to one device?

You just need to have the switch child device driver saved in the driver code section. Hopefully, you can go back into the parent device's settings, press the save preferences button, and the two child devices will be created for you. back on the device page, you should see something like this

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Thanks @bjcowles solved!

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