Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool

@mike.maxwell Great Tool!

Any chance on enhancing the tool so we can define Associations for z-wave plus devices?

Thanks, Glenn

Probably not, we don't think a driver is the correct place to manage these.

Are there any solutions available to define associations?

Not at the moment. This is on our upgrade list for Z-Wave. Stay tuned...


Really, I would think the device driver would be the best place to enable configuring parameters and group association. You should take a look at how they've done it with openHAB.

@Ericm took the other approach. He created an App for Associations. Perhaps it's just semantics. The driver has the association ZWave commands implemented but doesn't know how. The app knows how, but needs the ZWave commands.

I'm not really interested in associations but @bravenel got me exited with that "Upgrade List for Z-Wave"... Anything else you can share?:grin:

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I tried to create a new device driver but I get an error saying "Value too long for column "ARGUMENTS VARCHAR(255)"" on the line that starts with "command "setParameter"". Any ideas on how to solve this?

I don't understand what you are trying to do and from where...

In my Hubitat Portal under Drivers Code I click to create a new driver and paste the code from the link in the first post and click save. That's when I get the error. Do I need to modify it in some way or should I be putting it somewhere else?

Yes, but make sure you choose "raw code" and the select all/copy/paste. Or you can select raw code, then copy the link from your browser and choose import in the driver creation page.

I think I see what's going on.
On line 33 in the code, replace Parameter with P in all the description elements in the map.

command "setParameter",[[name:"parameterNumber",type:"NUMBER", description:"P Number", constraints:["NUMBER"]],[name:"size",type:"NUMBER", description:"P Size", constraints:["NUMBER"]],[name:"value",type:"NUMBER", description:"P Value", constraints:["NUMBER"]]]

Hopefully that will get that string under 255 chars...

@mike.maxwell thanks again for this tool, it's very helpful for tweaking devices that don't have support for advanced commands in their drivers. However, I've run into an issue with one device and was hoping you might be able to shed some light on what's happening.

I have a Aeotec HEM ZW5, when I try to modify parameters the resulting setting is quite different than what I input. I'm assuming it's because aeotec is expecting something other than "decimal" input?

if you post a reference to the specific parameter with a link to the reference document I (or someone else that may get to it first) might be able to help...

I think I partially answered my own question. Looking at the advanced parameters guide, it appears that the value range for parameter 111 is 0x01-0x7FFFFFFF. So it is indeed not expecting a decimal value?

Aeotec HEM Gen 5 manual

I see many of those config parameters are size 4... Did you make sure to change the parameter size setting?

I don't have any device with a param size of 4 to test against. :slight_smile:

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That's not it.

Here are the acceptable values. Decimal should work. Why they made it size 4 for that parameter is beyond me, though.

Yes, I specified size 4

I'm hesitant to try it and show results again as I had trouble reseting it back to defaults last time I tired changing it.

Does a parameter GET on that parameter work correctly? Because if the GET doesn't return the right value, a SET likely won't either.... And a GET can't break anything. :smile: