[RELEASE] Advanced Zooz Zen27 / Zen26 Central Scene Dimmer and Switch Drivers

Advanced Zooz Zen27 / Zen26 Central Scene Dimmer and Switch Drivers

  • All device configuration variables
  • Central Scene Functions (matching descriptions on zooz website)
  • Normal Dimmer / Switch functions
  • Z-Wave Direct Associations
  • Indicator Capability
  • Pushable Button Capability 8 buttons (matching descriptions from zooz website) These will be different button numbering from the built-in driver.

These drivers are based on new options in the latest firmware versions 2.8 (ZEN27) and 2.3 (ZEN26). It is highly recommended that you be on these versions.

Please let me know of any issues or missing functionality .. Or feature requests.

As usual make sure to hit configure after changing to this driver.



Dimmer Changelog:

2020-04-29: 0.03B

  • Added Indicator Capability
  • Added group 3 associations

2020-04-30: 0.04B

  • Physical Vs Digital Events

2020-05-01: 0.05B

  • Descriptive text logging and events

2020-05-02: 0.06B

  • Fix for changeLevel

2020-05-03 1.1

  • importURL

2020-05-05: 1.2

  • Fix for central scene duplicate event
  • Fix for setLevel issues from RM

2020-05-05: V1.3

  • Fix typo in preferences

2020-05-07: V1.4

  • Fix incorrect config parameter number

Switch Changelog:

2020-04-29: 0.01B

  • Initial commit

2020-04-30: 0.02B

  • Physical Vs Digital Events

2020-05-01: 0.03B

  • Descriptive text logging and events

2020-05-03: 1.1

  • importURL

2020-05-05: 1.2

  • Fix for central scene duplicate event

2020-05-05: 1.3

  • Fix typo in preferences


Physical vs Digital events
Txt descriptions
Indicator capability (it is in the preferences but this would be nice)

Probably need cleanup on verbiage of preferences.. Some of this was a bit confusing.

Thank you for this :slight_smile:
I loaded it and set my Zen27 to use it ( I have another on order hoping to setup an association).

I'm not ready to setup associations yet. I made some changes to the dimming parameter and when I went to save preferences the Associations box (still empty) complained.

Another question:

When looking how Inovelli does associations they used

  • Group 2 for ON/OFF
  • Group 4 for Dimmer function
    I had assumed these were standard Z-Wave group definitions. As your beta currently only has Group 2 am I off base or will Group 4 need to be added for dimming association.

Thanks again


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Pushed an update to fix the error ..

Inovelli and zooz handle association groups differently .. With the above code I am able to control and inovelli bulb on association group 2 of the dimmer


I've installed the update and can control ** my Inovelli (color) bulb as well. However the dim steps on the Inovelli are very large perhaps 4 -6 steps from dim to full. Are you seeing this as well?

** only in white


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Hadn’t played with it too much.. Just confirmed it worked..

Is this the right fingerprints for that device:

(Or, have I got a Zen26 there, not a Zen27)?

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@jtmpush18 Looks like you have the right device.. but a really old firmware version.. you are missing 0x5B (central scene) which wasn't in there during the initial certification..

Hit up zooz support and get that firmware updated.. We have an easy method to do firmware updates now .. :wink:

A lot has changed since 1.0

Zen27 Firmware Changelog

VER. 1.0 (released 10/2018)

Original release.

Firmware: 1.0

  • Included S2 security, OTA firmware updates, full ramp control, double tap from off to full brightness

VER. 2.0 (released 3/2019)


  • Terminal screws arrive loose (unscrewed) for easier installation
  • Added foam to packaging

Firmware: 2.0

  • Added scene control (2 triggers only)
  • Changed association settings to send separate reports for manual and Z-Wave control
  • Added the ability to control load by pressing any of the paddles
  • Added double-tap from on to full / maximum brightness
  • Reduced the amount of multilevel reports sent during manual dimming to a single report once button is released

VER. 2.01 (released 6/2019)


  • Made the LED indicator smaller

Firmware: 2.01

  • Added full scene control
  • Added double-tap behavior control
  • Added the ability to disable physical control

VER. 2.02 (released 6/2019)

Firmware: 2.02

  • Reduced manual control delay related to scene control functionality

VER. 2.03 (released 7/2019)

Firmware: 2.03

  • Extended duration for manual dimming to 4 seconds (the time it takes to go from 0 to 100% brightness when pressing and holding the paddle) for better brightness control experience

VER. 2.07 (released 10/2019)

Firmware: 2.07

  • Added instant on/off for physical ramp rate (value 0, parameter 9)
  • Added a setting to match physical and Z-Wave ramp rate automatically (parameter 17)
  • Added custom brightness level on setting (parameter 18)
  • Added the ability to disable Z-Wave control next to physical control (parameter 15, value 2)
  • Added on/off and live dimming reports on paddle presses when physical control is disabled for easier smart bulb control
  • Added a setting to assign custom association reports when physical control is disabled

VER. 2.08 (released as OTA 3/2020)

Firmware: 2.08

  • Added the ability to adjust reporting behavior for disabled physical control
  • Added night light mode (press and hold the lower paddle to turn the light to low brightness)

Question on the Double Tap Function. What is the difference between full brightness and maximum level?
@bcopeland. Thanks for this driver.

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Not sure yet.. I ran through all the config options listed on the zooz documentation website.. There is probably a good bit a verbiage cleanup needed.. I just got the dimmer yesterday evening..

Thank you for that.
I obtained mine a couple of weeks ago and got their assistance in installing them in two 4-way circuits (after getting two Zen23's for that purpose.) The installations and discovery went flawlessly. I see that this driver exposes 12 additional parameters (the default exposed 9), that I can now explore. Again thanks for your work.

NB I repurposed the ZEN23's and am leveraging the ability to disable manual control so that I can use them in circuits with smart bulbs. All is going well.


Anytime.. I released it as beta as it was fully functional at this point.. But needs cleanup.. I was a bit confused on some of the config options.. As I learn more about it, I’ll be able to cleanup the wording..

Great I will be looking forward to that. While I am not a capable programmer at this time, I will provide any help to test and troubleshoot as needed.

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Full brightness means the light is at 100% brightness level while maximum brightness is the value you have set as maximum for the dimmer since you can adjust both minimum and maximum brightness for the dimmer so that it doesn't go above 80% brightness for example and doesn't go below 30% brightness. I hope that helps!

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Update pushed 0.03B


  • Added Indicator Capability
  • Added group 3 associations
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Thank you very much. That is very interesting and informative.


Initial commit of zen26 switch driver 0.01B

Based on features from the latest firmware version.

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Bryan, Thank you again. This leaves me wondering...are you ever not coding?


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