Off-topic rant about security

There have been many reports of issues during inclusion of specific devices onto the C-7 platform. Engineering at Hubitat have been hard at work on the fix since the first report. We are currently beta testing what we believe will be the final solution to most if not all the inclusion issues. This update has 3 major parts:

  1. An update to how the hub handles specific errors from some devices, that per Z-Wave specs should never have occurred. Not all devices completely conform to the spec.
  2. An update to the underlying Z-Wave stack.
  3. An update to the Z-Wave radio firmware.

The last part is something we want to be absolutely certain about and have been cautiously testing and re-testing the delivery mechanism to insure there will be no issues.

The C-7 is the first 700 series Z-Wave hub that is out in the wild, and as such we had some unexpected issues, some of which required a firmware update from Silicon Labs. We appreciate the Hubitat community's patience as we have been working through these issues.

Once we are satisfied with the results from beta testing, we will release these fixes in the upcoming 2.2.3 release.


Great news that a fix is on the way - I know you guys have been working hard on this since the issues were discovered. Also, I appreciate the cautious approach to deploying the fix!


Appreciate your hard work on this. The C7 is really an accomplishment and I'm looking forward to this fix so it can be the beating heart of my smart home.

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@bcopeland can you confirm that the bug is not impacting any devices is we are doing inclusion without s0 & s2 ?

@EAN there were multiple issues. Some devices were only affected if S2 keys were granted. Some devices where affected even if no keys were granted.

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This is great., thanks for the update!

Will 2.2.3 have a fix for the Zwave crash issues under certain scenarios?

such as?

If you are referring to the occasional lock-up of the radio requiring a reboot. Yes, this is addressed in the update.


Yes that's what I was referring to. Thanks again.

@mike.maxwell I suppose I could have worded it better. I was referring to the Zwave lockup issue that bcopeland mentioned

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Oh, also, is there an update to the Zigbee stack to remedy some of the issues @markus had brought up?

that's in the release notes now, but yes we did add a change which will be in release 2.2.3


Any fix for z-wave issues on c5's

All of the z-wave changes in 2.2.3 are for C7's, C5's do not use the same hardware, radio firmware or serial communication stack/implementations.
They do share the same Z-Wave library command class implementations.



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So are the any plans to update these for the c5?

Amazing. Now maybe you can sleep for an hour or so.
Next month


Right now there are not.

But you are still developing, improving the c5 z-wave and serial communications?

It's in maintenance, not in active development.
Is there something specific you're interested in/concerned about?

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