[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates

Hi folks, have you heard the good news? It is now possible to update the firmware for most of the IKEA devices directly from Hubitat (without going through IKEA hub/app).

HE + IKEA = ❤️

A quick search on this forum revealed that folks have been struggling for years to use their IKEA stuff with Hubitat (usual culprits: group bindings and battery-drain). In the last year or so, IKEA released firmware updates (even for old devices) that fixed these problems.

Since firmware updates are not for the faint hearted, let's use this topic to support and help each other with tips and best-practices!

Available firmware updates

Click here to learn how to check if an update is available for your device?
  1. Pair the device with Hubitat, if not already paired
  2. In the Hubitat UI, go to the device details page, then look for the "firmwareMT" value at the bottom of the page
  3. The second group of characters from that value (for example: 117C-1102-23086631) identifies your device (1102 = TRADFRI Zigbee Repeater)
  4. Compare your device identifier with the identifiers from the "Firmware Code" column in the list below (list is already sorted)
  5. If your device is in the list, compare the last group of characters (117C-1102-23086631) to see if a newer firmware version is available
Firmware Code Device name Type Ver First test
117C-0002-165801BD ? ? -- --
117C-1101-23089631 TRADFRI Control Outlet E1603 2.3.089 @kkossev
117C-1102-23086631 TRADFRI Zigbee Repeater E1746 2.3.086 @HAL9000
117C-1105-02040005 JETSTROM LED ceiling panel L2208 2.4.5 --
117C-110C-00011001 STARKVIND Air Purifier E2006, E2007 1.1.001 @dandanache
117C-110D-00010002 ASKVADER On/Off Switch E1836 1.0.002 --
117C-110E-01000035 SYMFONISK Sound Remote Gen2 E2123 1.0.35 @UncleAlias
117C-110F-01000011 VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Sensor E2112 1.0.11 @dandanache
117C-1187-24040013 FYRTUR Roller Blind
KADRILJ Roller Blind
PRAKTLYSING Cellular Blind
24.4.13 @HAL9000
117C-11C1-24040005 TRADFRI Remote Control E1810, E1524 24.4.5 @zcorneli.iit
117C-11C2-23028631 TRADFRI Wireless Dimmer ICTC-G-1 2.3.028 --
117C-11C4-24040005 TRADFRI Motion Sensor E1525 24.4.5 --
117C-11C5-24040006 TRADFRI On/Off Switch
TRADFRI Open/Close Remote
24.4.6 @zcorneli.iit
117C-11C6-24040006 TRADFRI Shortcut Button E1812 24.4.6 @jasonbalsor
117C-11C8-24040005 TRADFRI Motion Sensor E1745 24.4.5 @dandanache
117C-11CA-24040005 SYMFONISK Sound Controller E1744 24.4.5 --
117C-11CB-02040005 STYRBAR Remote Control E2002 2.4.5 @dstutz
117C-11CD-01000047 RODRET Dimmer E2201 1.0.47 --
117C-1938-01000057 WALLHORN Motion Sensor E2134 1.0.57 --
117C-2100-01000036 Bulb E27 WW
Bulb GU10 WW
Bulb E27 WW 806lm
Bulb GU10 WW 345lm
1.0.36 @UncleAlias
117C-2101-23094631 Bulb E12 W 400lm
Bulb E26 W 1000lm
Bulb E27 1000lm
Bulb GU10 W 400lm
Bulb E14 W 400lm
Bulb E14 WS 470lm
Bulb E12 WS 450lm
2.3.094 @nclark
117C-2102-00011006 Bulb E27 WW Clear 250lm LED1842G3 1.1.006 @UncleAlias
117C-2200-03000010 Bulb E14 WS
Bulb GU10 WS
Candle E14 770lm WS
3.0.10 @UncleAlias
117C-2201-23087631 Bulb E12 WS 400lm LED1536G5 2.3.087 @tray_e
117C-2202-23095631 Bulb E26 WS 980lm LED1545G12 2.3.095 @tray_e
117C-2203-23087631 Bulb GU10 WS 400lm LED1739R5 2.3.087 --
117C-2204-00011003 Bulb E14 WS 470lm
Bulb E14 WS 470lm
1.1.003 @UncleAlias
117C-2205-00010012 Bulb E14 WS 470lm
Bulb E27 WS 1055lm
Bulb GU10 WS 380lm
1.0.012 @UncleAlias
117C-2206-03000010 Bulb E27 WS
Bulb E27 WS 1055lm
3.0.10 @UncleAlias
117C-2801-23086631 Bulb E14 CWS 600lm
Bulb E27 CWS 600lm
LED1624G9 2.3.086 @UncleAlias
117C-2802-10021655 Bulb GU10 CWS 345lm
Bulb E27 CWS 806lm
Bulb E14 CWS 470lm
1.0.021 @UncleAlias
117C-2803-23093631 Bulb E14 CWS 600lm LED1624G9 2.3.093 @ktd
117C-2804-01010010 ORMANAS LED Strip -- 1.1.10 @UncleAlias
117C-3277-01000019 PARASOLL Door/Window Sensor E2013 1.0.19 --
117C-3B08-01000020 SOMRIG Shortcut Button E2213 1.0.20 --
117C-4101-23086631 TRADFRI LED Driver 10W ICPSHC2410EUIL1 2.3.086 @dandanache
117C-4103-23093631 Bulb E27 WW Clear 250lm
Bulb E27 WW 806lm
Bulb GU10 WW 400lm
2.3.093 @ktd
117C-4104-00010021 SILVERGLANS IP44 LED Driver ICPSHC2430IL441 1.0.021 @dandanache
117C-4105-00010006 ? ? 1.0.006 --
117C-4109-00010002 TRADFRI LED Driver 30W ICPSHC2430EUIL2 1.0.002 --
117C-4201-23087631 JORMLIEN Door WS 40x80 PWID012V24P-EU 2.3.087 @UncleAlias
117C-4202-23087631 ? ? 2.3.087 --
117C-4203-23091631 ? ? 2.3.091 --
117C-4204-23095631 ? ? 2.3.095 --
117C-4205-23087631 Bulb E14 WS 470lm LED1835C6 2.3.087 @UncleAlias
117C-4206-23087631 ? ? 2.3.087 --

TRADFRI Bulb feature acronyms:

  • WW = Warm White
  • WS = White Spectrum (adjustable white tones / color temperature)
  • CWS = Color White Spectrum (adjustable colors and white tones / color temperature)

Update instructions

Warning: Proceed at your own risk. Hubitat is not responsible for any changes or damage to your device that may result from over-the-air firmware updates.

  1. [For battery-powered devices] Use fresh batteries
    If you just got the device from "that" drawer, give it a quick dust off, apologize for the last words you said to it, then put in some fresh batteries. Some devices refuse to start the update process if battery level is below a certain threshold (e.g.: 20%).

  2. Pair your device
    Pair your device with Hubitat, if not already paired.

  3. Use the "Device" driver
    If you don't see an "Update Firmware" command in the device details page, change the driver to "Device".

  4. Prepare logs browser tab
    Open a new browser tab and go to Hubitat UI -> Left menu -> Logs. Click the "Clear filters" button to make sure you see all log entries.

  5. [For battery-powered devices] Wake up the device
    Push any button on the device in order to wake it up. The device will stay awake for a few seconds before going back to sleep, so you should immediately follow with next step.

  6. Start the firmware update
    Click the "Update Firmware" button in the device details page. Click "OK" if an "Are you sure?" popup appears.

  7. Check the logs
    Check the log entries in the other browser tab you opened before (Step 4).

    • If you see "Starting firmware update for ...", then all is good. Don't do anything else, just come back and look at the logs after 15-20 minutes. See Step 8.
    • If you see "Firmware update for ... is not available", then you are already using the latest firmware version. There is nothing more you need to do.
    • If you see "Firmware update for ... failed, check if the device supports over the air firmware updates", then the update process failed to start. Try again by going back to Step 4. Read the comments below from other folks, maybe together we can find a solution.
    • If you don't see any log entries coming from the Hub device (sys:1), then make sure that you followed Step 4 correctly: you are on the Live logs tab and messages are not filtered. Wait for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Keep calm and carry on
    Update process for battery-powered devices is really slow and can take about 100 minutes. Try not to move the device during this time.
    From time to time (~10 minutes for battery-powered devices), you should see log entries with "10% complete", "20% complete" as the update is underway.

  9. Re-pair your device
    Once the firmware update is completed, it is good to re-pair the device with Hubitat in order to reconfigure it properly. There is no need to remove the device from the devices list, just pair it again with Hubitat.

Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are release notes for these updates available ?

After the update, the shade now reports battery as 200%. Is there a fix?

@craigspree came up with a quick fix here: [RELEASE] IKEA window roller blinds - #226 by craigspree. Thanks Craig!

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Interesting. Hubitat already has the firmware, I don't need to upload anything to the hub?

Does it seem like updating requires re-pairing? Like how some zwave devices basically get factory reset after an update?

You should be able to go to the device page and just click update firmware (open a live log so you can watch what happens)

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You are right, Hubitat already has the file, you don't need to upload anything. Easy as 1-2-3 :slight_smile:

I don't know if the cluster binds and attributes reporting configuration survive the firmware update process. You can first try the "Configure" command, and if that does not do the trick, then do a re-pair:

  • Start Zigbee pairing on HE and put the device on pairing mode.

  • Don't remove the device from HE (it can leave broken the MR instance where that device is used), you should get this screen when HE re-pairs a Zigbee device it already knows:


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Thanks for this!

I just bought a IKEA hub to update the firmware but have been dragging my feet because I have to unpair 12 blinds from HE, pair them with the IKEA hub, do the update, unpair them from the IKEA hub, and pair them back to HE.

I didn’t see the Tradfri blinds in your list. It might be one of the ?

There was no option to update the firmware in the IKEA Window Blinds driver, so I switched to ‘device’ then started the live logging and pressed a button on the shade to wake it up.

Then I immediately selected ‘update firmware’ and changed the output to show only that blind.

Now I wait patiently to see if the log changes?

This hides the log messages from the hub (sys:1) so you don't see the firmware update status. Click the "Clear filters" button and make sure you are on the "Live logs" tab.

You should see entries like this in the live logs:

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steve martin film GIF


The perfect reply!

Sweet I'll give it a spin this weekend. I've got a couple outlets and a couple repeaters.

They are really carrying my mesh though. And have been solid. :slight_smile:

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LOL. I have the same reaction when trying to figure out IKEA instructions.


Success story ..

I didn't see IKEA Fyrtur blinds in the list, but

117C-1187-24040011 KADRILJ Roller Blind E1752 24.4.11 --

are the same thing. I switched to the Device driver and found a button Update Zigbee Firmware. The first time I attempted it, I got several errors and the update failed. A few hours later, I tried again and it worked fine. Took about an hour and 10 minutes.

Similar success for Tradfri repeater:


Might add a comment that it can take up to ten minutes before you see ANYTHING in the logs. I had thought it wasn't working at first because I wasn't seeing anything. So, I kept tinkering, deleting, repairing, etc until I got interrupted on one attempt and had to step away. When I got back, prepared to delete the device and start over, is when I noticed I was now 30% complete.


One more thing, I finally got it to work with the E1743 ON/OFF switch by switching to the driver to "DEVICE" but had to click the configure button and wake the device so that it could read it's info. Then I could do the firmware update (again waking the device right before clicking the update button. Also as @tray_e mentioned, it took about 10 minutes before I got something in the logs mentioning that it was indeed updating.


I tried it many times by the letter. Had two iPads in the same room. One was running the live Zigbee log with no filters. I pressed one of the buttons on the blind, and on the other iPad using the ‘device’ I selected ‘Update Zigbee Firmware’. I came back to look at the log after 30 minutes and saw nothing about the update nor the hub. Came back 2 hours later and still nothing.

Tried waking the blind then updating the firmware, tried starting the firmware update then waking the blind. One attempt I didn’t configure. Trying anything..

Tomorrow is another day. The planets may align then.

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One more thing about my experience with the E1743, when done updating the firmware (over 2 hours later) I got these messages... Failed and then 100% done.

So I removed the device and re-paired it and it paired with the correct driver and all buttons and states seem to work great.

Thanks @dandanache for all your work on this and the drivers!

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Ah ha, this is what I needed to do.

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Thank you for the report! Updated the original post. Can you please give me the "Type" information that is written on the Tradfri Repeater (EXXXX)?

Updated the instructions. Thank you for the suggestion!

I am sorry to hear that. Can you give us more information like:

  • what hub are you using for the update C5/7/8
  • hub platform version
  • the "Device Details" from the bottom of the device page
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If things are working, is there a compelling reason to still do the firmware updates?

I have two Ikea TREDANSEN blinds, and they both have firmware updates available, but I don't know if I should bother? Are release notes for these updates available somewhere?

Thanks all!