[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates

Bug fixes, features, and Security updates.



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Release Notes (ikea.com)

Note that there has been discussion elsewhere in the community that newer firmware for Fyrtur blinds significantly improves battery life. So it may be worth the upgrade just in case. In fact, "optimize battery performance" is a listed fix for your device.


Thank you all! Next question:

I also have the TRÅDFRI 30W LED driver (2 of them actually).

But the data in the table is not matching up to what I'm seeing.

DATA taken directly from device page:
endpointId: 01
application: 11
firmwareMT: 117C-4101-12245572
manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
model: TRADFRI transformer 30W
softwareBuild: 1.2.245

But that second set of numbers in my listed firmware (4101) matches up to the 10w version in the table (TRADFRI LED Driver 10W). Additionally, the model number taken directly from the sticker (ICPSLC2430NAIL1) doesn't match either model number in the table.

Is it still safe for me to do the firmware updates on these?

Thank you. Seems like it might be a moot point however. Multiple attempts, I get this:

sys:12023-11-03 08:56:44.366 AMwarnFirmware update for [name:Blind Office Left, manufacturer:IKEA of Sweden, imageFileName:117C-1187-24040011, fileVersion:24040011] failed, check if the device supports over the air firmware updates.

Current firmware: * firmwareMT: 117C-1187-23079631

So there is one available, as far as I can tell.

@MichaelB Yeah, I got that too on two of the six shades I updated. However, I just kept trying and perhaps clicking Configure and/or Refresh when changing between the Device and real driver.

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I don't see an 'update firmware' button on my Fyrtur blinds. Is that something that will eventually be added?

EDIT: Got it! The trick is (at least for me):

  1. Change to Device
  2. Click configure (wait about 10 seconds)
  3. click "Save preferences"
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This is weird indeed. I have both the 10W and 30W variants, that's why I added the info in the list. I believe the "NA" and "EU" in the product code is from North America / European Union. Maybe the 30W NA version is using the same Zigbee module from the 10W EU version, just a guess?

The device should reject OTA updates that don't match up the correct numbers. But then again, don't try it on things you cannot spare.

Ikea Tradefri Blinds:

  • I've got 5 of these.
  • 1 was successfully updated, 1 repeatedly denied the update, and 1 is mid-update right now

The process that I think can make the blinds take the firmware update, but I will continue to test to validate:

  1. Open Logs on your hub so you can view activity in real-time
  2. Fully recharge the battery
  3. Insert battery
  4. In a new tab, change the blind to "Device" on the device page for that blind
  5. On the device page, click "Get Info" and then look at your Logs to validate that the hub is talking with your shade.
  6. Immediately click "Update Zigbee Firmware" on the device page for that blind, while the blind is awake.
  7. WAIT - aligned with posts above, I've found it takes over an hour for the blinds to update to the new firmware fully. About 8-10 minutes for every 10% incremental update.
  8. Once the firmware is 100% updated - wait another 10 minutes to be safe :slight_smile:
  9. Change the blind back to "Ikea Blinds" (or whatever your driver is named) then click 'Configure'.

The blind that wouldn't take the update had a battery reporting 100% but that battery hasn't been changed in about a month. I suspect the blind wants to recognize a fresh 100% battery before starting the update to prevent being bricked. I'll try that blind again later today with a fresh battery. My suspicion is probably wrong, but who knows...

I'll continue to test on my other blinds and report back my findings if this method continues to be successful.

UPDATE 1: Nope, it seems totally random. Just mash the zigbee update button every few minutes till they update. Some will, some wont. :smiley:

UPDATE 2: I was able to get 4 of 5 blinds updated. One was exceptionally stubborn. I was able to see it routing through a Sonof plug, so I unplugged that Sonof, and then tried again. It took a few more times of trying but the 5th blind is updating now.

Battery now shows 200% fix: In the driver (make sure to back up your driver by making a copy of it before making changes), replace lines 104 and 105 to the following:

            if (debugOutput) log.debug "attr: ${descMap?.attrInt}, value: ${descMap?.value}, descValue: ${(Integer.parseInt(descMap.value, 16)/2)}"
            sendEvent(name: "battery", value: (Integer.parseInt(descMap.value, 16)/2))`Preformatted text`
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The hub is a C7 running

Device details

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 22
  • firmwareMT: 117C-1187-22009631
  • inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0020,0102,1000
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
  • model: FYRTUR block-out roller blind
  • outClusters: 0019,1000
  • softwareBuild: 2.2.009

I haven’t messed with it again. Last night I pressed both buttons like it was being paired. Both LEDs started pulsing, which to me means it is awake. Then I started the firmware update. Still nothing showing on the log. Once I get my other obligations finished, I’ll try again.

Switch to driver named "Device". This is spelled out in the update instructions in the first post of this thread, and mentioned several more times.

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FYI - The bulbs are updating SUPER fast (in comparison). Ten percent in 45 - 60 seconds. Tried the update while still using the advanced Zigbee CT driver so I could keep my settings. Worked like a charm.

5 Minutes - Start to finish - NOTE It cycles through all the color temps at~ 20% brightness when done

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Sorry... I had seen that but thought it was an optional step. My E1766 remotes had the firmware update button showing without changing the driver. I'll try to read more carefully next time.


Cool! Can you please post the Device Details of the bulbs so I can update the list? Thanks!

I have two so far:

E26 Color Tunable (Firmware shown Post-update. Pre update was 117C-2202-12217572

E12 Color Tunable (Firmware shown Post-update. Pre update was 117C-2201-11115720

Edited to add, these are not showing in the release notes on the Ikea site. But, a similar and lower rev of other bulbs indicates this is likely the update to Zigbee 3.0.

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This firmware is for device : Light Bulb model LED2101G4 (TRADFRI bulb E12/E14 WS globe 450/470 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, opal white)

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Updated the list. Little by little we'll get them all! Thank you for the info.

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Still no luck with the blind. Could be it just won’t update the firmware, Really don’t want to try another blind.

This is the procedure I followed MANY times

Left the log running for hours. Looked for something from the hub and saw only this

Note the last entry was around 11am

Here is the log for the blind

Note the times are starting around 4pm with no corresponding time for the hub.

One thing that might help - Step 5 when I click Get Info there is nothing in the log.

The blind might be sleeping. Maybe try using the manual buttons on the side of the blind to move it a bit, and try updating while it's moving? Longshot, just an idea.

UPDATE I also posted some other ideas and a tweak to the driver to address the 200% battery reporting with the updated firmware.

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