[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates

I will say that I had to try a bunch of times to get my blinds to update. And the rhyme or reason that it finally worked was inconsistent to say the least.

I will say that your log looks filtered to dev:271. Make sure you are watching for sys1 (or whatever it is that shows your HUB messages. I would ALWAYS get a failure notice when it didn't work.

What I think worked best was switching to device.. hitting "configure", then save preferences, then letting it sit for a while.

after waiting 20 or 30 min, make sure you wake the device by pressing the button before hitting update zigbee firmware.

I will say, getting no info back when you hit "getInfo" seems odd though, so it might be something else going on in your situation.


Anybody been able to update the 4101 (TRADFRI LED Driver 10W)?
One time I got to 30% but most times I get:

imageFileName:117C-4101-23086631, fileVersion:23086631] failed, check if the device supports over the air firmware updates.

UPDATE After 23 failed try’s, I could finally update my 4101. :grinning:

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@dandanache Just updated a 4103 bulb. The Device Name shown as model is TRADFRI bulb E27 WW 806lm if you want to update the list in your first post.

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My dad had a motto that was ingrained on his children so much it made on his headstone

Thanks for all the help. Once this blind is finished, off to do 11 more.


Thank you for the contribution!

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@dandanache 2803 = TRADFRI bulb E14 CWS opal 600lm.
Updated on first try.

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The blind firmware update completed with an error but it appears that the firmware WAS updated from 22009631 to 24040011

Should I be concerned about this?[quote="tom.guelker, post:47, topic:127191, full:true"]
The firmware update completed with an error but it appears that the firmware WAS updated from 22009631 to 24040011

Should I be concerned about this?

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Both of mine did the same thing, although I can't comment on whether we should be concerned about it.

My blinds are working, with the notable exception already called out (battery percentage)

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@dandanache @mike.maxwell Thanks for getting all of these available!

All of my open/close remotes are happy now (Man, the WAF of having 14 of those things from blinds now available to work around the house....), also updated the E1810, about a dozen Fyrtur blinds (a couple left to go, doing them 2 or 3 at a time), all of my repeaters, and 2 of the 30W LED drivers. No problems with anything so far, other than the listed Fyrtur blinds now reporting battery in 200% scale.

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Am 40% finished with shade #3. For me the key was clicking “Update Zigbee Firmware immediately after clicking ‘get info’

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10 of the 12 E1756 blinds are updated. 2 are being stubborn. I wake up the blind by pressing one of the buttons. This causes the blind to start moving. I then click ‘Get Info’ and the log states ‘getting info for unknown Zigbee device’ and nothing past that. The batteries were charged overnight. I pressed both buttons like it was being paired. The LED began pulsing so I clicked ‘Get Info’ again and got the same message. If I change the driver back to IKEA Window Blinds, the blinds respond to commands. To me, this means the blinds can communicate. There is a Tuya USB repeater in each room. One blind is in a room that 2 other blinds successfully updated the firmware. The other blind is in a room with a blind that was successfully updated.

Just realized I hijacked this thread. Mods can move if necessary.

Update - I removed the blinds from HE, added them back, it used the ‘Device’ driver and when I clicked ‘Get Info’ the log showed the info! The updates are at 20% now. :+1:

As a glutton for punishment, I started upgrading the firmware on 5 IKEA E26 bulbs.

These are 1000 lumen and are not listed but the base firmware ID (?) 117C-2101 is the same as the

I started the live log, powered the bulb off then on, clicked on ‘Get Info”
The bulb said hello, so I updated the firmware. It went from
117C-2101 -12214572 to 117C-2101-23094631.

Well like @TomG noticed, I can confirm that the 117C-2101-xxxxx firmware seems to be the same for many Ikea bulbs, here are 2 more that I have and updated the firmware...

TRADFRI bulb E12 W op/ch 400lm
TRADFRI bulb GU10 W 400lm

Same firmware for CT and non CT bulbs from what I can see.

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ive tried this for e1810 and the 1743 and it dosnt work either im stuppid and doing somethinbg wrong or theres something going on i run a c7 hub version id apriciate any help

The firmware update for all 3 of my Fyrtur blinds worked great along with all of my shortcut buttons. I have a couple Strybar E2002 remotes to update but hubitat says no update available.

This is what I'm getting for my Fyrtur blinds:

Firmware update for Guest Room Blinds, IKEA of Sweden 117C-1187-24040011 is not available.

That is the latest version. That is the version mine updated to.

After updating 12 blinds, I agree it can be frustrating. What I found worked best for me was to fully charge the battery and leave it out. Then get the app ready so you can click ‘Get Info’ easily. Insert the battery and immediately click ‘Get Info’. If the log doesn’t show the firmware signature, click ‘Get Info’ again. If you never get the driver signature in the live log, the upgrade will not start. Perseverance is key.

I had two iPads, one showing the live log and the other on the device page for that blind.

Once the driver signature is displayed in the live log, immediately click ‘Upgrade Zigbee Firmware’ and look for a confirmation the upgrade has started. It takes around 12-14 minutes to progress from startup to 10% and the same amount of time to get to 20%. Getting to 100% takes between 120 and 140 minutes. I like to wait a few minutes before switching back to the IKEA driver.

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One thing I have noticed about the battery reporting now that the Fyrtur blinds are on the latest firmware they are all reporting double the battery percentage. 100% reads as 200%