Fibaro Smart Implant


This looks interesting.


Yeah, it does. I have a potential use for one of those right now... If there is a US frequency version, I may pick one up.

There is:


Yeah I saw this and thought the same. I think it is kind of a repurposed universal binary sensor (FGBS-001 ), which is kind of limited to a is what it could be used for, where as this looks like it can do a lot more. But like the UBS I bet there won't be many people that use it (I'm someone who does) so there is not realy many drivers about to run it :frowning:


I currently have a Fibaro Contact sensor with an external temp sensor, DS18B20, connected for my aquarium temp measureing. Works well when paired but it was a right PITA to do.
Might consider this.
Needs an external power supply I assume as it doesn't mention coming with one.


Yeah, I read through the manual - that would be one annoying driver to write as it has so many different modes/capabilities depending on how it is configured.

Not impossible, just annoying/tedious if one wanted to make a driver that could handle all possibilities of inputs.

If I get one, I'll likely just write a driver that only does what I need it to for my combination of sensors.


I have a driver that i ported over from ST but it needs someone to look at it properly over here as although the main code is probbley ok the logging is not and it needs some TLC :thinking:. All mine are currently disabled ( I have quite a few :disappointed:) as i have to soak test everything again to see what was causing my hub to crash once a week.

Edit: I've fixed this now


yes like the UBS it needs a constant power supply but it can be from 9V-30V so relatively easy to sort.

the large disadvantage to the UBS was that you couldn't independently control the output's, but after reading the manual I'm not sure if this one does eather :thinking: it kind of suggests you can though by changing some parameters.

edit: just seen this in its description, great! May get one to swap one of mine.


The Fibaro looks pretty cool, but I am sticking with my HubDuino's.