Fibaro Smart Implant support please

Many thanks!!

do you have the internal jumper P5 set to latched? or momentary...

Are you sure the MIMO2+ has a P5 jumper? The lite did but I don't remember the 2+ having one. The inputs are either NO or NC which do not report and the output relays I believe by default are momentary which can be changed via the driver. I have not used the outputs yet, only the inputs connected to contact sensors. I see the internal LED go on and off as the contacts open and close but nothing is reported in the driver.

it doesn't, i was looking at the wrong device.
In any event I replied in the original thread, with the 2+ and the default settings I'm getting contact events for both inputs..., lets move over to the original thread and continue over there...

To measure temperatures of heating pipes and water tanks.

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Have you already tried this driver?

I'll check these out sometime this week. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I now have 2 temperature probes working...! They are a bit tricky to get up and running though..on 2 occasions I thought it wasn't working.. but a few minutes later they started to work...

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whoops spoke too soon, it doesn't update it's self,,, you have to issue refresh in the device tab.

Hi, I saw this thread since my post was quoted above... If you are interested, I updated the main driver file to handle the temperature units automatically or force them to deg C/deg F. As for the refresh, it works for me for the internal sensors when I set the periodical reports to 60. Maybe take this conversation to the other thread...

I’m looking to add my electric roller shutter garage door to HE. Is this working with HE now so I could use a monetary closed output on no1 output to open the door and the same on no2 output to close it?

I gave some help to user @sbartoszek85 to do something like that. In his case, he used the same output to both open and close the door. He also used an alarm contact connected to one input to detect if the door is open or closed and display it in the dashboard.

Also check that the device voltage/current limits are not exceeded:

  • Maximum current on outputs 150mA
  • Maximum voltage on outputs 30V DC / 20V AC ±5%

I might give it a go. I’ve no idea what the current or voltage on the outputs would be as I just wanted a dry contact to replace a push button for the door controller. As a push button should be used the controller doesn’t give any specs.

The outputs are solid state so that has some limitations...

I have one on my home server to remotely power it on and off via front panel switch.
I used the +5VSB standby on the ATX connector to power a DC-DC boost module which in turn powers the smart implant. I was finally able to get that working a few months with an older posted driver and a couple virtual switches controlled by rule machine. It felt like a crude solution but it's working for the outputs. I couldn't get the inputs to work so at the moment I'm using the external sensor contacts of a garage door tilt sensor in conjunction with a SSR to provide indication if the server is current powered up or down. Ideally this should be handled by the implant and still have 2 possible temp inputs left, IF
i can ever get those working.

Does anybody have any issues using the inputs separately from the outputs? I've got two garage doors, so I installed a contact on each door. Then I connected each output to the respective door. I set Local Device Protection to 2.

Now here is where things start going wrong. Input 1 is separate from output 1. However input 2 is still attached to output 2. So whenever the contact gets closed for door 2, it triggers the output which opens the door back up.

I'm assuming if there is an issue, it is firmware related. I've got version 5.1, I'm not sure if Fibaro has released any firmware updates.

i think im missing something here

i have added the drivers as best as i can see they seem to be correctly installed.

i want to use the 1 wire temp sensors

i have them wire correctly i believe and all i get is a steady 68 degrees for any /all of the sensors.

Do you include the implant with the sensors attached?
Do you include with no secure ? Unbock every secure option...

I got them to work but sometimes when I add a new smart implant I get the same result as you

the sensors were not attached when i added it to the z wave network if thats what you asking.

i dont know what no secure means? where do i find that ?

It will have to be excluded then included again, the device isn't capable of adding the temp sensors after inclusion.