[BETA] ZWave Tweaker port from ST

This is a very rough port from ST, my main goal was to be able to play with multi-channel associations which is functional. I believe all features are functional actually.


  • Scan for most ZWave classes to discover info about devices, including Endpoints, Association Groups, and Parameters
  • Print to logs the info it finds about the device
  • Set regular and Multi-Channel Association groups (any group number you need)
  • Set any parameter value

You will need to refer to your device documents to know which association group number to set!

You may need to press "Save Preferences" when switching to this driver before the scans will work.

Ported from: https://github.com/codersaur/SmartThings/tree/master/devices/zwave-tweaker


Creating a multichannel Association:

You have two devices / endpoints with an association, the sending device and receiving device.

You need the network ID of the receiving parent device which is a 2 character hex. Example:

You will need to switch the driver on the sending device to the ZWave Tweaker [BETA] ZWave Tweaker port from ST

Set the group number in the preferences.

Set the group members to the receiving network ID plus : to indicate endpoint other than 0. So this is "2D:1" in my example. Set the command class to Auto or multichannel.

Press save preferences at the bottom.

You can then set the Association Groups scan range to whatever groups you set (save again) and scan them using the command (check the logs) to verify the settings took hold.

Once you are done you can run the "Clean Up" command and then switch the driver back to what you normally use.

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Thanks for this port!

I have tried to create association with battery-powered Z-Wave.me ZME_WALLC-S controller similarly as few years back with SmartThings: [BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker (See post #209 for new V3 app version) - #19 by scrool - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community .

I have encountered two issues:

  1. Sync didn't seem to work when a device woke up
  2. Device always seemed to stay in sync pending state

I have improved Z-Wave Tweaker to:

  • Call sync() anytime a Wake Up Notification from the device is received.
  • Do not try to remove all associations
  • Instead allow user to explicitly remove associations if needed

Since I'm not very skillfull in Groovy and even though this worked for me as one-off I haven't tested this much I'm keeping code in my fork and not attempting to get it merged back. If anybody confirms that it is indeed working and I can open a pull request against your repo though.

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