[BETA] ZWave Tweaker port from ST

This is a very rough port from ST, my main goal was to be able to play with multi-channel associations which is functional. I believe all features are functional actually.


  • Scan for most ZWave classes to discover info about devices, including Endpoints, Association Groups, and Parameters
  • Print to logs the info it finds about the device
  • Set regular and Multi-Channel Association groups (any group number you need)
  • Set any parameter value

You will need to refer to your device documents to know which association group number to set!

You may need to press "Save Preferences" when switching to this driver before the scans will work.

I think ultimately this tool would make more sense as an app where you pick a device to configure (similar to firmware updater drop down selection) instead of a driver. How much interest would there be in making this into a polished app? I would probably try to combine all the features of this, the "Basic ZWave Tool" driver and also the generic "Device" driver which has a few handy things in it.

Ported from: SmartThings/devices/zwave-tweaker at master · codersaur/SmartThings · GitHub


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