[Updated] Super Tile - Icons have arrived! :)

Please note:
This release is NOT included in the Cobra Apps container
This is a stand-alone parent/child app with a separate driver.

Please also note:
This is NOT released under any 'open source' license.
Please read the license before installing.

OK.. on to the good stuff :slight_smile:
Super Tile is used for displaying almost anything on a dashboard.

Multiple attributes from one or more devices all on one tile
Add Freeform Text
Add Image URLs

You have up to 8 lines, each with 4 columns to add text, image urls or device attributes to.

I'm not going to put too much detail on here.. go check out the website! :slight_smile:
Many thanks to my beta testers @DeveloperDavidB and @Royski for all their hard work and patience with debugging and testing over the last few weeks
And many thanks again go to @Royski for all his hard work updating the website

Super Tile is a parent with (soon) multiple child apps (currently just one 'standard display')
Coming soon is a 'Countdown Timer' for use with HSM (or anything else for that matter!)
'List Open Contact and/or locks' display and more.. watch this space :slight_smile:

Instruction for installation and use and some examples of configuration are available on the revised Hubitat.uk website

One very important thing to note:
As this display uses an 'attribute' tile, there is a limit of 1024 characters per tile (including any html code)
The device driver will count characters used and warn you if you exceed this limit

Apps are here:

Drivers are here:

A couple of things to note guys:
When using an attribute to display, that attribute needs to change before it will appear.
For example, if you use the attribute 'switch' then you need to toggle the switch in question so that app can have a starting point.
This is the same for all attributes.
A temperature attribute needs the temperature to have changed before appearing in the Super Tile display.
Another thing to note: attributes are case sensitive. 'Switch' is not the same as 'switch'
Check out the device in question to get the correct attribute to use

Update: 10/06/2019
Added the ability to use Motion Sensor icons

Update: 31/05/2019

Ok.. it's here! :slight_smile:

Super Tile now gives you the ability to configure icons for on/off , open/closed etc.

The first thing to do is setup your icon urls

I'm using 25x25 for icon size and it seems ok for an initial size but YMMV
Once each one is configured you can turn them off and it should retain the setting.
(You only need to configure icons in use for this tile)

Next select a line then a column to configure, then select: 'Device Icon'

Then select device type..

Then the actual device

That's about it!
Once the device changes (opens or closes in my case)
It should register the change and display the icon

A few things to note:
Your icons obviously must be hosted on a website somewhere (github?) to be able to use them in SuperTile

I have mine on a local Raspberry Pi webserver (no internet required!)

Please bear in mind that you only have 1024 characters to play with.. If you host icons with a long URL you may have problems

I have placed some example icons, zipped up, in the apps/supertile folder
You are welcome to use these before you find your own :slight_smile:

Here is a very basic example of what you can do..

Obviously, Billie took the Smart to work this morning :slight_smile:

Since the recent platform changes, HTML in text input boxes was blocked.

You were not able to enter HTML in any text box
Unfortunately this meant that you couldn't format headings etc.
I have coded a work around.
You can use HTML again but you must use { and } instead of < and >
So.. for example
< font color="FF0000" face="Open sans light" size= 6 > Current Weather < /font >

Must be rewritten as..
{ font color="FF0000" face="Open sans light" size= 6 } Current Weather { /font }

This work around has been approved by HE and I am assured it won't be blocked in future updates to the firmware

Super Tile Countdown is here!

Update 03/04/2019 **Child Version: 1.0.1** - Fixed typo

I have uploaded a 'virtual device container' for use with the driver(s)
So, you can now keep them all together



Awesome! Love that can use a image url attribute!

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Guys I really like this app! Here are some examples of it in use.

I would recommend using the link in Cobra's code comments to send him a donation if you use this. He doesn't require it, but I know he put in a lot of time to this code, and who knows, it may effect support and further maintenance / development.

Using it as a weather tile in the bottom right corner. Notice each line has several different attributes.

Using it to display temps in the upstairs rooms. Note this single tile is displaying attributes from 5 different devices. 4 Ecobee room sensors, and a multisensor 6.


Agree with @DeveloperDavidB, its an awesome app.
I created a room panel, see all devices and whats on/off anytime.



I've got some sort of issue going on. I installed the 2 Apps and driver. I created a virtual device and selected the SuperTileDisplayDevice driver.

I've set up a couple of lines and selected attributes. However, nothing is populating on the device and/or dashboard.

I did notice the following in the logs:

[error]( went wrong: CHECK THE JSON FILE AND IT'S URI - java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'SuperTileDisplay' on null object

I've uninstalled and resintalled twice. Same deal.

Any ideas? That error message doesn't tell me where to start looking.

I found the error text I am getting in the driver's code. It is under the updateCheck function. One other thing, when I first installed the app, it told me there was an update (in the logs)

[debug]( (App Version: 1.0.0) - An update is available - Telling the parent!

But when I went and checked, there was not an update.

I did notice that the logs were displaying the Attribute Content in html looks like. One question. On the required attribute field after selecting the device you want to poll, do you just type in the attribute you are looking for? I.E., temperature?

Yes, just type the name of the attribute you need to display.

I’ll check the driver update code, it may have some beta code still there.


That is correct.
That's how you can select colour & font etc

It's actually the json for the child app
It should be ok now.


Pictures are not showing whether it is an image URL or 'Visual' attribute from Apixu.
Does not give any error, it just shows nothing

In the debug log, the image is replaced by blank spaces.

Can you please screenshot how you have configured the relevant line?

Screenshot below. 1st one for Apixu attribute; 2nd one for Image URL

Thanks, this explains everything

The first thing I notice is the image URL (Line5 Column A)
1x1 is so tiny that you wouldn't be able to see it.

try width: 50 and height: 50 (or at least something bigger than 1 pixel x 1 pixel)

With the Apixu attribute you need to wait until is changes.
With the Apixu driver, I believe that it doesn't send the image until it changes.
There is a quick work around to get it to send the picture.

Change your location in the driver and save then send, then change it back to the correct one.
I believe that was the way to update the apixu driver icon
@DeveloperDavidB or @Royski can confirm as they have the apixu driver
(And I'm sure that they can explain it better than me)



You need the attribute “visual” not the image itself.

You can also change your zip/post code in the Driver, then refresh. That will force an update. Then change you zip/post code back and refresh.


Thanks! The above suggestion worked.


Thanks Roy :slight_smile:

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It’s @DeveloperDavidB suggestion which also worked for me :+1:

Glad it worked.


COnfused here
I don't see where I enter data like ajeshm's screen.
Supertile does not show up on my app list.

Can you point me to a list of device attributes somewhere?


Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I just get the text fields no data