Combine sensors in the dashboard

How can I combine many contact sensors to appear as a single device in the dashboard?
I want the tile to show as active if any of the contact sensors are open (logic OR of the sensors).
For example, I have many windows in my living room, instead of having many tiles for each contact sensor, I want to have a single device called "Living Room Windows".

Create a Virtual Device named "Living Room Windows", use the Virtual switch driver

Then Create a trigger,(in rule machine) select which windows you want assigned with the actions becoming true based upon the sensors designated triggered.

Take a look at an app called Snapshot:

Or an app called SuperTile:

I think either may work for what you are wanting to do (unless I completely misread your post).

Thanks, I'm giving Snapshot a shot <-
I think I like it even better than my initial idea.

Would you mind giving a rundown on the process.
I just googled this very question and found this post, but I'm getting confused how to create the rule.
I have the same requirement where I'd like to create a virtual device to combine multiple window sensors into one tile on the dashboard.


This seems to have worked the best for me