The dirty word for HE “inbound group messaging” for zigbee remotes

Okay everyone, I’ve found a few comments in different threads from others and the HE team regarding “certain” zigbee remotes and their limited support. I think it’s more specific to 3.0? This seems to relate to HE not (currently?) supporting “inbound” group messaging.

@mike.maxwell! perhaps can offer an explanation why this seems to be a support path that’s not an option (or at lease a subject of unpleasantness)? Is it ultimately security related, or something else?

I certainly lack the technical skills of the HE team, but it would seem this support should be “possible”.

There certainly seems to be more of these zigbee remotes coming onto the market (I may be mistaken, please correct me if I’m wrong) and with the improved battery life offered by zigbee vs zwave, I think they deserve a chance.

Can anyone burst my bubble on this one?

It has nothing to do with security, nor specifically with zigbee 3.0.
It's simply a matter of priorities, the vast majority of zigbee touch Link and 3.0 devices follow the more standard approach of unicast reporting their commands to a coordinator when the relevant clusters are bound.

Devices that don't follow along with unicast messaging are going to take a back seat to the more sophisticated engineering involved with those that do.

We will possibly look at this at some point, it's just not a priority right now.


I am wondering if this has been added to the roadmap at this point. Hoping...

I’m hoping it’s on roadmap too.
I have bunch of ikea remotes that came with the blinds and really want to make more use of them. Plus they have really good look and mounting option.
Right I have them working through my old SmartThings hub with hub connect, but it still depends on internet connectivity, since SmartThings won’t run locally

You do realize that the roadmap is written in pencil on a napkin and is tossed when full? :crazy_face:

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Well, as long as that napkin is on a bar top while someone is enjoying a few drinks, I’m all for it.

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Yes, most devices communicate directly with hub/coordinator. And broadcast messages are part of zigbee specification, so they are the same standard as unicast messages. Can we please get this implemented to support broadcast devices too?


Another vote for prioritizing this development in your Backlog, that will bring a lot of new Zigbee remotes manufactured by IKEA, Lidl, Tuya, and many others into Hubitat.


Did anyone manage to successfully connect these " SMART KNOBs / SMART SCENE BUTTON" to the Hubitat?


The Tuya Smart Knob is supported by the custom driver "Tuya Scene Switch TS004F". Use the Hubitat Package Manager to install the latest driver version. It supports singe click, double click and held (actually it is 'released') events, also left rotation and right rotation events. The rotations can be used to switch between different predefined scenes in Hubitat (color or temperature).
What is not possible for the moment to be implemented in HE is the 'Press and Rotate' functionality.