[Release] Device Data Item Display

By popular demand (@danabw) I am giving this its own release thread to track requests and issues against. This is a quick utility program that permits the selection and display of multiple data items for multiple devices. Available via HPM or at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/apps/devDataDisp.groovy


@thebearmay ... I installed this via HPM but after installation I don't see where I can run it to obtain the data on the devices. Can you give me some guideance?

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Did you go to Apps and add it as a User App?


Ah ok... Thanks!

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Aww, all I did was whine a little bit. :wink:

Super cool little app!


Actually, I remember it as quite a bit of whining. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooooo! This is nice! I could use this to pull all the replaceable battery devices into one place and never have to wonder what type I need when I get a low battery notice.

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Great app @thebearmay! This is very useful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, expertise and development efforts with the community.

Is there any way to save the Device Report as an html or csv file for import to a spreadsheet?

I may be able to put something like that in there, I’ll play with some in the morning.

Folks...sad to report, but it's been a full day since the release of this app and there have been zero updates. Evidently @thebearmay has abandoned this project.

I suggest you remove the unsupported code and return to spreadsheets, random slips of paper, and your living room wall (yes, @jameslslate, we know what you did), for keeping track of device notes. I'm off to drink a gallon of Gatorade to try to forget...


I believe @thebearmay hasn't updated it is because you haven't whined enough about new features!



Actually I had to be away from the keyboard for most of day, so little opportunity.


I have days like that...keyboard disassociation can be traumatic. :wink:

I did actually think of somethings... :slight_smile:

  1. Parent/Child setup (just for neater display and collapsability)
  2. Change opening view to default to the list of devices w/the selected device data displayed, and have options/buttons to change the selected devices and change the desired device data. Sort of the opposite of the current flow. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Option to block troublesome users like me from installing/using the app. :wink:
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v1.1.0 adds the capability of downloading the data in JSON or CSV formats

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Except that until the devices and data items are selected you don't have anything to display; i.e. have to select the devices to know what data items are available, and the data items have to be selected to know what values to extract.

Yeah, true. I was thinking along the lines of some apps I use that the first time you launch they show a device selection option, and until that's populated, the devices are not displayed. Battery Monitor is one example...initially shows up w/below, then after you choose devices (Configure) it loads current battery status each time you launch the app.

I could put the selection area in a collapsible section and default it closed. Data display/download options wouldn't display until you have some selections made, so the first time in you'd have to expand the selection criteria section.

Edit: Do an HPM repair if you've already pulled v1.1.0

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I can't get 1.1.0 from HPM. Didn't work to do a repair, so I uninstalled and reinstalled and still have 1.0.3. What am I doing wrong? (I know that's a lot...) :wink:

I am only showing version 1.0.0, but I have the export to json and csv. @danabw, where did you get 1.0.3 from? Everything I get from HPM or import link is 1.0.0.

Going to have to push 1.1.0 back up when I get home (~6:45PM EST). Looks like it didn't make it from my Dev hub back up to Github. Tried grabbing the code with my phone, but the Github editor isn't cooperating.

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