[RE-RELEASE] Netatmo (Connect) - Weather Station

G'day All, seeing as cybrmage hasn't been around since 2020, I've taken the liberty to clone this app to my GitHub, make some minor tweaks and publish it via HPM:

Be warned, I'm not a real Dev, just a tinkerer so please don't expect huge changes - I'm able to implement tweaks and bug fixes.

I've also written an RM 5.1 Rule (available from my GitHub below) that uses a Smart Switch to detect when your Netatmo Basestation stops communicating back to the cloud servers and will power cycle it.

Netatmo Weather Station - Offline Recovery.json

You can find the original topic for this App here:

UPDATE: here's brief guide on hooking Netatmo Weather Stations up to Weather Underground:

7th November 2022 - v1.4 - Updated URL to https://dev.netatmo.com/

30th September 2022 - v1.3 - fixed “An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to upgrade app” error.

29th September 2022 - v1.2 - Fixed all debug logging code, so it is conditional to you actually turning it on.


Do you have a link to the raw code we could use, as I don't use HPM?

Sure, it’s on my GitHub:


Getting this message as I’m trying to connect to my weather station. Any Idea what might cause this?

Have you generated an API key via the Netatmo dev portal?

Here's the URL:


Yep, I did that to the other version of the app and reused the client ID and client secret for this version.

I’d suggest there’s been a copy paste error then, I haven’t changed any code around the authentication process.

I’d recommend going into the Netatmo dev portal and copying the keys into a text only document (eg notepad on windows or textedit on Mac), then copying them into the app.

If falls, you might need to go into the “apps code” section on Hubitat, open the app and hit the oauth button. Then save and exit the apps code.

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Ok, I’ll give reentering my credentials a try. :+1:Pressing the ouath-button in app code and then save did’nt help.

Otherwise I’ll try create a new client id and a new client secret in Netatmo dev.

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Cheers. Sometimes copying directly from HTML pages causes issues - I always paste into a plain text file first to remove any rubbish.

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Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll post the result here when I’ve tried..

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I’m assuming others are receiving this email as well, but looks like we’ll need to update the way the app authenticates:

Netatmo API Security Update
Dear Netatmo developer,
To improve the security of our products, we inform you that the Client Credentials grant type method will be completely removed. It will no longer be possible to authenticate with the username and password of the user.

The effective date of this update is October 2022.

How can you authenticate with Netatmo API ?
From this date, the OAuth2 authorization code flow must be followed for authentication.

You can find details on this method on our website:
Netatmo Connect Authentication

For tests, you can also get an Access Token from our developper portal.
Netatmo Developer Portal

  • Log in
  • Go on your account
  • Select the application for your test
  • Click on "Generate a Token"

You can now use this Access Token for 3 hours.
Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino

I don’t believe so, I think it’s saying that user ID and password option will no longer be valid ways to access the API.

It will no longer be possible to authenticate with the username and password of the user.

This app already uses Oauth via an API key etc.

Ok. I just noticed some language about refresh tokens, which I don’t think the app uses. The Tesla Connect app that I use needed to be updated to periodically generate refresh tokens, so I was thinking that was the case here as well. If not, then great!

I hope that the case, I guess we’ll see. :scream:

@Inge_Jones Did you solve it? I haven’t have the time to look at it yet.

I’m not seeing a problem, only deleted posts.

Sorry! It was supposed to be an answer to one of the deleted posts. I got an email with the content of the deleted posts so thats why I answered.

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Sorry for any confusion. I realised I had just made a silly mistake myself and it was quickly corrected. In my case it was just I forgot to enable OAuth in the App editing screen itself, and thought I was gonna do it in the App at runtime


Hehe, been there, done that!

G'day all, I added a link to the first post to a brief guide to hooking up your Netatmo to Weather Underground.


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