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Inclusion of iFrames, which you make already have, would also allow those with a Grafana setup to use it in the App. That's what I've done a couple of times to display charts on a HE dashboard.

hubiVue is a native app on all platforms, so the concept or inclusion of iFrames isn't one that I'm keen on - the benefits of hubiVue is the native app performance and feel. So unlike lots of other dashboards, it isn't a web app and therefore doesn't have an easy path to include things like that - in saying that, I'm looking into releasing a WebView tile that will allow you to run a mini-browser on a dashboard tile for the express purpose of doing exactly what you described (using the platforms embedded browser - ie WebKit for iOS etc).

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Morning everyone.
Anyone knows a good/reliable wireless outdoor sensor to monitor rain, wind, UV, etc.
I am installing an outdoor blind and would like to automate opening/closing them if it is raining or if the wind is too strong.

You could look at an EcoWitt weather station. I'm looking after the drivers nowadays. It is local but also has cloud hosted history / charts if you need them.

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Thanks, I am looking at Ecowitt Wittboy now. Do you have any suggestion on which type of Ecowitt to look at?
It seems like Netatmo is similar but with higher prices and more separate sensors to be added.

Another option that ticks most of your boxes is the Netatmo Weather Station system (I currently maintain the App for it). Aside from being a touch pricey, if you buy all the modules at once, it's a very good system - it's only missing a UV sensor.

The HE App is on both HPM and Github.

Any specific reason why you chose Netatmo? It looks cool but to get the wind + rain sensors mean I need to spend min $576.
I can see it is Homekit compatible but would like to understand the pros and cons between Netatmo and Ecowitt.

Yep, I could buy the system in stages - took me nearly 2 years of presents from the wife to complete my system. :rofl:

That means I will never get there...... no more pressie after kids... :scream:
But yeah, other than that, is any of the functionality or integration or automation won you over to Netatmo?

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I used to have a Vera hub and it was one of the few that integrated with it.

It also has the ability to integrate with Weather Underground with a 3rd party service or Home Assistant data uploader. So that way you get weather forecast info into Hubitat too (I maintain that integration too).

@IWiyanto The Netatmo is super nice (I bought one). However just be aware that the update frequency can only be a max of 5 mins (the default is 10 I think). If you want more frequent updates then this is not for you. It's generally not an issue but I wanted a near immediate warning of high winds.

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Yep, that is my understanding too.

True, the outdoor blinds need to be pulled up if wind gets too high hence 5 mins delay might rip them. Do you know anything about Ecowitt? Does it have similar delay like Netatmo?
Cost wise it is only half Netatmo to have wind + rain sensor.

I've got mine at 30s for the Ecowitt but can't remember if you can go lower tho.


I have my EcoWitt sending data to HE every 60 seconds, not sure if there is a lower limit or not...

I have a 7-in1 weather station and Gateway inside, which includes an indoor temp + humidity sensor. I also have soil moisture sensors and an indoor air quality sensor, none of which is what you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:. The weather station includes the wind and rain sensor, plus a lux / UV reading and temp, humidity and air pressure. The weather station has a small solar panel to charge a built in battery.

I'll find a link to the product I have, but I'd suggest looking through more recent products and we can try and work out what will work with the EcoWitt HE drivers.

I believe you can also upload data to weather underground.


This is what I have. It doesn't include a mount. Mine is still hanging on using some straps and an old vacuum telescopic pipe on the fence.... So you may want to look at how you intend to mount the unit, whatever you choose.


That's pretty hacky :grinning: :+1:.

I got 3m of galv tube from Bunnings and used some brackets to secure it to a fence post. Pretty solid and easy to adjust to have the anemometer face north.


Yeah, it's been on my list since I purchased it... :slightly_smiling_face:

Ecowitt Wittboy

This one seems simple enough.

Or something like this
ECOWITT HP2551 Wi-Fi Weather Station with 7'' Large TFT Colored Display Console, 7-in-1 Solar Powered Outdoor Weather Sensor and 3-in-1 Indoor Sensor, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature&Humidity, UV Light, Rain Gauge, Wind Speed/Direction, Moon Phase, Sunrise/Sunset, Weather Forecast]

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Noob question, ecowitt or netatmo is wireless right. How does it transfer the info to Hubitat?
I also plan to transfer them to Home Assistant since the blinds motors are somfy and I don't know how to put them in hubitat but they are linked in HA

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