[RELEASE - UPGRADE] Netatmo (Connect) - Simple netatmo interface

This is a update to the simple Netatmo Connect App/driver package that was originally created for Smarthings by Brian Steere and ported to Hubitat by Stuart Buchanan (fuzzysb/Fuzzyligic), and long abandoned.

The changes include:

  1. Add debug logging control to the application. Defaults to disabled. When disabled there is only logging for startup, auth and errors - no logging is done for normal operation of the application/drivers.
  2. Removed "Thermostat" capability from device drivers.
  3. Extend error handling so that an incomplete status report from the Netatmo API does not crash the application.
  4. Add attributes to the outdoor module so that the dashboard "weather" template displays all attributes.
  5. Add "Summary" attributes to each of the device types, so that you can create a Dashboard tile that displays the device status. To do this, create a dashboard tile, select the device, select the "attribute" template and select the "Summary" "Attribute.
  6. Add "Overview" attribute to the Basestation device to provide an overview of the basestation, outdoor, wind and rain modules.
  7. Add option to "Use Reverse wind angle". The HE Weather tile template assumes the Wind Angle parameter is the direction the the wind is blowing... The netatmo app and web interface defines this attribute as the direction to the source of the wind. When enabled, this option changes the wind direction arrows in the wind module summary and basestation overview to use the netatmo direction.

Version History:
030320: Initial release
030420: Fix Summary attribute for Additional indoor modules. Add Overview attribute to basestation device. Add reverse wind angle option.

The updated package is available HERE.


I like the upgrade. Thanks.

I am having one problem. My Additional Module indoor sensor is not registering the Summary custom attribute. It is not showing in the device or in the dashboard tile. All others are doing fine. An suggestions?


I don't have an additional module to test... So, I will probably need yo to turn on debugging (run the Netatmo (Connect) app and turn on the "enable debug logging" toggle) and provide the log output...

BUT, at first glance, It looks like I left some variables in the summary that are not supported by the additional module... You can try commenting out (adding "//" to the begining of) lines 652 and 653 of the Netatmo (connect) app...

let me try that suggestion and I will send logs.

OK, Line 652 defines Humidity and CO2, which are both supported by the Additional Module. 653 and 654 define Pressure and Noise, which don't appear to be supported by the Additional Module. Thus, I commented the "+" at the end of 652 and then commented out lines 653 and 654 entirely, as shown in this screenshot.

this seemed to correct the tile as shown below:

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look for your updates. Happy to help you test in the future if you need help with the additional modules.


The "+" at the end of line 652 and line 654 are needed... line 654 closes the div structure...

I'll package up and post the fixes later. Thanks!

DOH! You are correct. What was I thinking. Nice work.


New version... With bugfixes and new features just posted...

Error when trying to "Connect" to my Netatmo account.

Hoping someone could give me some direction, I've implemented the new Drivers etc. and when I run the Netatmo "Connect" after entering my Username & Password I get this error:

"{"error":true,"type":"java.lang.Exception","message":"An unexpected error occurred."}"

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I get an email a few minutes later from Netatmo alerting me that someone new has logged into my account, so it is making its way at least to them... from there it seems to drop off.

Any help would be awesome! Thx :+1:

@cybrmage thanks for the great app - I just ditched the other Netatmo app as your Dashboard tiles are much more informative. :+1:

My Only request would be to demote the Battery state to the bottom of the stack as it's the least pertinent info - you'd really only be interested in their state when the batteries get low every 18 months or so.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

It’s not after your user name and password, it needs API keys that you can generate from a free Netatmo developer account.


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Thanks that worked, now in the connect app I see all my devices.

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No worries.

Howdy Folks - For those that would prefer the Battery status for the ODU's to be at the bottom of the list, here's a tweaked version of this App (you only need to update the App groovy code). I also tweaked the spacing on a couple of tiles (eg ATM):

You can grab it from my dropbox HERE

Just update the App code and then run the App Setup again (it keeps all of your existing settings).

has anyone create a rule to send a message to your phone on the amount of rain prior day from your rain guage?

Hi - I've been looking for a good, indoor CO2 monitoring solution so I can have RM4 turn on a whole-house vent fan when the indoor CO2 rises above a certain point.

Does this driver (or series of drivers) also work with the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor (listed here: https://shop.netatmo.com/en-us/aircare/home-coach/homecoach )?

It wasn't clear to me if the unit I listed is, or is not supported, or if it's different from the one that comes with the Smart Weather Station that the groovy drivers appear to support. I'm looking for help with clarity before I make the purchase of the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor that it will work with my overall setup.

Either way, thank you for the driver!

The indoor units from the weather station do support C02 measurements and this driver does give you access to the data:

I’d not Bother buying the air care units, just buy the weather station and add additional indoor units if you need them. They measure the same info.

Edit; and with the weather station you get the added bonus of outdoor data to drive automation in HE.

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I just ran across this update to your app. It's working great now, thanks.

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Hi, the files are not available. Where can I download them? Thank you!

Download the Hubitat app