Netatmo Owners - PWS integration with Weather Underground

If you would like to get access to Weather Underground and have a Netatmo weather station, I stumbled across a really nice way to do this using Home Assistant.

You can find the details here:

But the general gist is to get the Netatmo integration working on HA, then setup a Weather Underground account with PWS (just select the type as Netatmo even tho it does nothing), then install the above WU data uploader into HA and make sure it's uploading to WU.

Then in Hubitat you'll be able to access the excellent WU weather forecast info via the following integration:

PS, there is a 3rd party cloud service called meteoware that directly connects Netatmo to WU, but lately it's been very unreliable.

I have my Tempest linked to Wunderground, though mainly for history but I allow it as a pws point for their forecasting. The main forecasting comes from Weatherflow itself. For my dashboard though I use the Wunderground driver for displaying forecasts for the next day

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I get my forecasting from Weather Underground and live data directly from my Netatmo PWS.

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Pretty much what I do... (I guess I rambled a bit)

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