New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug

Hope Hubitat and Third Reality can work this out. Absolutely love the Third Reality devices and their big juicy AAA batteries. In-fact Ill give up home automation before I go back to any button/cell batteries.


Agreed! I've bought their motion sensor and the basic smart plug without energy monitoring.

The motion sensor with 2 AAA batteries is a nice feature and it's pet immune, relatively small and cheap! Even in Canada! Would be nice if the sensitivity and cool-off time were customizeable but there are a few spots in the house where this doesn't really matter and a cheap motion sensor allows me to re-purpose a more advanced motion sensor.

The basic smart plugs are also cheap (even in Canada) and work well enough.

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I got one of these today. Been spoiled with sengled plugs in home assistant. Trying to figure out how to read power and if I can get a gauge of some type on a dashboard

You can try this driver to display an html attribute on Hubitat dashboard, showing the outlet current power, voltage, amperage, etc.

I tried out this driver last night and it works great for what I need, thanks @kkossev!

Here is what I found:

  • The "Power On State" setting worked for me so the plug now stays on after being unplugged and plugged back in.
  • Prior to changing the setting, the plug reported back 'off' immediately when plugged back in
  • The plug reports power (watts) changes right away
  • Volts and power seem right
  • Energy reporting is always zero
  • amps for whatever reason seem to be wrong, in some cases its off by a factor of 10, and other times its off by a factor of 20. In the first example, it's off by ~24x (should be 0.045) and in the second its off by ~10. Possibly a device bug?



I built a driver for these plugs for my own use but happy to share if it is useful. It supports setting the power restore mode along with amps, frequency, current, and voltage attributes (and healthStatus pings)

UPDATE: This driver is now available from Hubitat Package Manager or from Github at hubitat-public/ThirdReality at main · bradsjm/hubitat-public · GitHub


For anyone using the above driver, as the plug itself doesn't track energy usage, I just added synthetic support for the Energy Meter capability to the driver providing kWh tracking so it should work with the Energy Cost Calculation app.

I will likely add this driver to HPM if it works well. I've just replaced 4 of my previous power monitoring plugs with these and so far I like them. I am able to bind them to the Inovelli switches which is why I moved from WiFi plugs to Zigbee.


When you say "bind", what to you mean?


Binding allows the Inovelli switch to directly control the plug power without going through Hubitat, so it will keep working regardless if Hubitat is running or not. I'm using this so the kitchen Inovelli light switch will turn on/off my undercabinet lighting (which I have plugged into the Third Reality socket) without needing a Hubitat rule.

I wrote a quick app to make this easier to do: hubitat-dev/InovelliZigbeeBinding.groovy at main · bradsjm/hubitat-dev · GitHub


That's really great. I have some experience with z-wave direct associations but not zigbee, binding, I guess you call it. Can this be done with most any zigbee device? I'd really like to learn more about this.

It is part of the Zigbee standards so in theory, any standards compliant device should be able to do it however to be able create a Zigbee binding from Hubitat the driver needs to expose the functionality to initiate the binding (like the Inovelli Switch driver does).


You are now guilty of delaying the work on my other projects, Jonathan! :slight_smile:


Tuya dimmer did not acknowledge the bind request... : (
Will try tomorrow with a Hue dimmer binding to a Hue bulb to see if there is any difference.

Ok… this is now officially bookmarked so I can follow up :muscle::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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These Inovelli dimmers are great feature-rich devices, unfortunately not available in Europe .. : (
But we can experiment with other Zigbee dimmers (Philips Hue or OSRAM dimmers) or whatever standard Zigbee dimmers are available (different than Tuya).

As the OP topic is the Third Reality monitoring plug, we can start a new thread and move the conversation there.


Right up my alley :ok_hand::white_check_mark:

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Would it make sense to split this to its own topic?

I have several Fibaro dimmer/switches that association options and also several Zigbee remotes/dimmers… would be a game changer if this would bring the two worlds together.

I am doing this now by exposing the zwave devices to Homekit but direct links without rules or hubs involved… whoa!!

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The unique thing here is that it's Zigbee.

Z-Wave association has been talked about here. I also have some z-wave associations, but have found out recently that they won't work in a timely fashion when the hub's z-wave radio is out, ie, the red light is out. Red light on: quick. Something about the device checking the hub first. This is the subject of another thread though.

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Amps are being calculated as opposed to reported from the device, correct? If so, I *think that there might be a formula error in the driver. Isn't amps just watts/volts, so it should be ~5 rather than 7 in the snip below?


I just took a quick look at what the plug is reporting and it is reporting RMS current and RMS voltage. The only synthetic calculation is for cumulative power as that isn't reported and is persisted in the state.

I'll have to take a closer look to see what is going on