New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug

Looks like This Reality has jumped into the power monitoring plug game. If I'm not mistaken this is by far the price leader.

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, 15A Smart Outlet, Timer Function, ETL Certified, ZigBee Hub Required, Work with Home Assistant, Compatible Echo Devices and SmartThing


4-pack for $38!

I just saw that and was wondering if it was new.

Gotta love thier marketing.
Now if only the toaster would get the bread out and load it when it got plugged in....

I am guessing they meant to have this be a Coffee maker and it somehow got confused with a "break maker".


Hmm on second thought, are people worried about a plugged in toaster sitting there doing nothing catching their house on fire? I suppose you could disable it when not in use this way.

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Seriously though, does this report ONLY power like the other Zigbee plugs I have or does it have other metrics? Not sure if Zigbee even supports anything else.

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Lol that is funny. It's just a normal power monitoring plug. I love supporting them because of their no bs Zigbee and their sensors use AAA. I surprised myself in how strongly I despise button/cell batteries. Something so simple is my primary driving force for sensors now.


Yes! I agree. AAA everywhere would be nice. I have so many different sensors/devices that use 2025, 2032, 123 and CR2. I have to keep all four types "in stock" to be ready for battery replacement.


I have to disagree here. I bought two three packs of their buttons. The double tap was thoroughly inconsistent. I could turn on debug logging and watch the button erroneously reporting double taps as single presses. I set a metronome and clicked to the beat to make sure I was consistent and could watch the logs as single press, single single, double, double, double, definitely a device problem.

So, I grab the logs and hit them up on Facebook for support. They acknowledge and say they'll get back to me. Two weeks ago by without an update so I reached back out and they just ignored me (left the message sitting on read).

I've kept three buttons in case something changes and switched to using "held" instead, but I can say I'd recommend these nor any of their other devices after seeing the lack of support first hand.

It does not appear to be Zigbee 3 but maybe that's not really an issue if it works as advertised. Also nice to see Hubitat getting mentioned in the "compatible" section..

I have two contact sensors and also just added the temp/humidity with the screen. Their stuff is definitely a little sketchy but it seems to work. The temp sensor reports like every 0.1F and no matter how many times you configure it otherwise it keep doing it. Not sure how long the battery will take this. Sometimes they report software/FW versions, sometimes they don't, as shown in other threads. The contact sensors are spot on though, very quick and have been reliable.


I find for the double tap you need to do a slow double tap.

On my Ikea & SmartThings systems, double tapping the Shortcut button needs to be done quickly.

Strange that Amazon shows Date First Available: December 13, 2022. Yet, reviews are nearly a year old.

Item Model Number: 3RSP02028BZ matches this FCC filing from Mitra Power Solutions.

Nothing on the site. Putting this in my watchlist, but waiting for other intrepid souls to convince me that this is an attractive alternative to the newer Sengled oval plugs.


I wonder if the previous version was removed from the site and Amazon automagically combined the reviews from the previous with the new?

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Slow, fast, doesn't seem to matter. Like I said above...I set a metronome to make sure I was pressing with the same amount of time between presses. I would get inconsistent results from the button where (again, clicking consistently at the same pace) I would see: single, single, double, single, double, double. It's 100% not something with what I'm doing. The button is, from as much empirical testing as I could manage, inconsistent in reporting.

Just ordered one from Amazon to give it a go. Delivery estimated at Feb 27 to Mar 2nd !!!

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Probably accumulating orders to make a bulk purchase. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for taking one for the team though!

Definately sounds like the case. I am not sure how some of you are having problems. Every Third Reality device I have are rock solid. I am wondering if its the generic driver when it comes to the button. I know there is something funky about them as they are just 1 of 2 companies that have a button that actually works on Alexa, the other being Flic.

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On my buttons I have to push dead center and works great otherwise it is inconsistent. I do like Third Reality sensors they never give me problems, AAA batteries, and fairly cheap.

There are also the Tuya Zigbee 3 Smart Plugs..

Should be compatible unlike some of the legacy stuff and has power monitoring.

I don't like the size of AAA battery sensors for contact sensors...others I'm fine as you can hide motion and leak, etc., more easily, but for contact sensors the larger AAA types are just too noticeable for my wife so have very poor WAF for me.

I do like the Aqara contact sensors very much, combo of very small and very long battery life is quite nice, if (and that can be a big if) you can keep them on your mesh reliably. I mostly have Visonic (MCT-340, first gen tiny slim version) which have pretty much perfect WAF, but over time I've found that some of them (depending on position in my home and/or age?) can start eating their small CR-2032 coin cell batteries.


I find I have to throw them away when the battery dies. Something about those visionic just refuse to ever rejoin the mesh no matter what I do. I can say without stretching the truth I have at least 20 hours of my life wasted by those little bastads.