New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug

I'll pay postage if batch them up and send them to me...I have zero issues w/getting them on my mesh. :slight_smile: As long as it's the MCT-340.

Ill keep that in mind as the batteries die on the rest, lol.

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Except those are coming from a random seller on AliExpress. I've had a terrible time with getting support from AliExpress or their random sellers - I've had to initiate a chargeback on my last purchase. Maybe I'd risk it again for a $10 purchase, but I'm out $80 for a pair of devices that failed and the mfg support says the seller should replace.


Yeah - same happen with an FP1... $50 hit was annoying. I rarely buy from AEXP anymore unless I'm okay with the potential loss. To be fair I've had a pretty good experience except early on when they wanted me to supply all this personal data in order to process a charge - did NOT do that and eventually was able to use PayPal.

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My failed units are 2 FP1s.

What Aqara said to me is that the seller on AliExpress should replace it... and effectively not to buy from sellers on AliExpress...

I do apologize for the inconvenience, but this device has a hardware problem and needs to be returned to the seller for replacement.

We recommend you purchase your Aqara devices from one of our official channels.

You can see our official channels here - Where to buy Aqara smart home products

Meanwhile, the seller (MIJIA-GLOBAL Store) isn't helpful at all.

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Exciting but also annoying! My 4 pack of regular plugs are in transit. Iā€™d have certainly preferred the flexibility of the power monitoring for a bit more :sob:

They both have their uses. You don't want to power monitor everything. Power monitoring is rather chatty.

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I only have a few things that I actually use power reporting for - the vast majority of my plugs are basic non-power-reporters. If you don't really need the power reports, it's best to keep that additional noise out of your mesh.

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Received the new plug today (1/29/2023 - on a Sunday - love that Amazon).

Following install I had to manually pick Generic Zigbee Outlet as the type as originally it was assigned type "Device". Box says Smart Plug Gen 2. Works fine and seems to report watts accurately. Box says rated at 15 amps.


Those things are cheap. I've been using Sengled plugs (ZigBee 3.0, also with power monitoring), but you can get 4 of these for less than I paid for 2 of the Sengled. At least I have been happy with them - never gave me a single problem between the 6 I have been using.

Interestingly enough, they don't seem to advertise the Power Monitoring feature of the Sengled on Amazon.

BTW, I only have temp sensors (ZigBee) by Third Reality (and a window/door sensor that I haven't tried yet) and they have worked perfectly fine for me.

Can you tell me how it acts after a power failure? Does it go to on, off, last status? Adjustable?

The instructions say you can program what the device will do following a power outage. I did not install their software on my phone, so can't test that.

I pulled power to my ON module... and when I restored power the module was OFF.


How would the app communicate with the switch? Bluetooth?

Good questions - IDK :crazy_face:

My Sengled E1C-N87 plugs from Amazon do have power reporting. I did not notice them flooding my mesh with reports.

The write up on Amazon seems to say you need one of two hubs to make a change to the way it starts up after a power outage.

"SAFETY SETTING: In order to ensure your home safety, we also realize the function of restoring status that means users can customize on/off state after powered on again. Currently THIRDREALITY Hub Gen2 and ZHA support this function."

Would this mean a driver would have to be created for this device?

Sorry my photo isn't very clear. But I'm under the impression that if you install the software on your phone you can set the action following a power loss to what you want. Perhaps you can scan the QR code in your phone and see what it offers. I have no immediate use for this plug so it will just sit in my parts box. I would be happy if it comes on in the OFF state following an outage.


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Hey, the lead time just decreased by a month!


While I am waiting with bated breath for my plugs to arrive, I was wondering if there was a custom device driver I could likely use instead of the Hubitat Generic? Something with more capabilities, maybe. Might a Tuya driver work?

Try it and let me know ...

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