Most Popular Light Bulbs and Light Strips in 2023

If you'd like to nominate a specific smart light bulb or light strip that works with Hubitat Elevation, and exceeded your expectations this year, in terms of reliability and ease of use (it doesn't have to be released in 2023), please drop a comment below* with the make and model of your favorite device.

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Other 2023 categories:

Philips Hue - always reliable.


Kasa Light Strip KL420L5

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Sengled zigbee smart bulb


Tapo Matter Color Bulbs, L535E, 1100 lumens.

For C8, matter install. Otherwise, there is a community integration that handles these devices. (that same integration will handle the Kasa Matter devices on non-C7 hubs.

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LIFX bulbs....very reliable, works great with the community integration.


Wiz Par38 outdoor color bulb. Wifi, local direct to Hubitat. Good enough at a fraction of the price of Hue. Does an acceptable job with CT temps.


Nanoleaf Matter Holiday String Lights

Philips Wiz (WiFi) no hub needed!
I have been running for 2 months:
28 x GU10 RGB
5 x E27 RGB


  • Works every time with Hubitat
  • No silly secondary hub!!
  • Limited lag (2 seconds) for some bulbs with only 1 bar wifi connectivity (waiting for my 3rd Asus Zenwifi GT12 Mesh node and all will be fine)


  • Could not use Wiz app on Samsung S23+ with "smart setup". Had to go to manual setup mode. Sometimes multiple times to get a few lights hooked up. Doing this for 33 lights and locking in IP in DHCP server was tiresome. Once done, it hasn't failed me. (if you have only a few lights, then it is a no issue).

  • I change color of lights on alarm. Once changed, if using Wiz driver in Hubitat and calling out a bulb colour to white after disabling alarm, it ends up bluish in color. I have to use Room Lighting and a separate Room Lighting callout to reset each bulb I have changed to warm white or whatever white you prefer. It is not a big issue once you understand the workaround, but annoying for the first 10 minutes when you can't figure it out.

Final words
Not the easiest in setting up and dealing with specific color changes, but all in all, running 33 lights always responsive and correct without any hub is a nice feature. I can't look back at Philips Hue ever again.

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