Most Popular Contact Sensors in 2023

If you'd like to nominate a specific contact sensor that works with Hubitat Elevation, and exceeded your expectations this year, in terms of reliability and ease of use (it doesn't have to be released in 2023), please drop a comment below* with the make and model of your favorite device.

The products (comments) that receive most likes will be selected for the top 5 Most Popular Contact Sensors in 2023.

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Other 2023 categories:

Z-wave Door Sensor Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7


Xfinity XHS2-UE Door/Window Sensor


Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2


Iris 3320-L (Centralite)


Ring Alarm V2 Contact Sensor just works, which is great!


Third Reality contact sensor. They might be big but that AAA battery goodness is tough to beat.


NYCE Contact Sensor

This one is tiny and reliable, with great battery life.


The newer Zooz ZSE41s 800LR are quite nice. Z-Wave 800 and very small. They advertise them for outdoor use (with a case), but the minimum gap may be too small for many outdoor applications.


These are my new favorite contact sensors. I have been using them since last December without issue on my C-8. I even have one on the door to my camper parked beside the house (alerts me through homekit if the door is opened) and it has been perfect. When we go on trips and come back, it connects back like nothing happened. Also, while I'm sure it won't last 5 years on one battery, it seems to go for at least a year on a 2032, feels solid, and is cheap.

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Surprised no-one has mentioned the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor yet. Mine are still working great, small, and have added bonus of sensing temperature, vibration and even tilt if required. Even in my cold garage and shed these have been working great.


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