Year in Review 2023

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2023, we will soon launch the popular threads for the Year in Review - 2023 edition.

There have been significant smart home tech improvements in the recent years, but 2023 is becoming the year known to have brought us devices that Matter

2023 has also been a busy year for our engineers. With several major releases, they have added a lot of new devices, apps and integrations to help elevate customers' environments even higher than before.

As we look forward to 2024, we will soon be reviewing 10 popular categories of devices that work with Hubitat and have become our users' favorites this year.

The following categories will feature devices that exceeded our users' expectations in 2023, in terms of reliability and ease of use:

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@bobbyD , can you create one more most poplar category for oddball and one-off devices. I would really like to see some of the creative devices people have found and integrated.


Great idea, here it is: Most Original Smart Device in 2023