Most Popular Shade Controllers in 2023

If you'd like to nominate a specific shade controller that works with Hubitat Elevation, and exceeded your expectations this year, in terms of reliability and ease of use (it doesn't have to be released in 2023), please drop a comment below* with the make and model of your favorite device.

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Other 2023 categories:

Iblinds v3


Zemismart tuya zigbee


Smartwings. Indoor and outdoor. Internal rechargeable batteries. Solar panel option. Both zigbee and z-wave.


Third Reality shades have been flawless for almost a year now. One out of 11 needed a battery change a month ago the rest likely have a few months left. That's over a year on AA batteries. I will caveat that by saying I have taken my shades off of their automation due to some embarrassing after shower mishaps, so battery mileage may vary.