Migrating from Wink Hub 2 to Hubitat

Hello Folks,

First of all , a big thanks in advance to all who will be taking the time to read/reply this post, as i am needing help with migrating my home automation from Wink to Hubitat.

Explaining my current simple setup as below. I just need some help in identifying if my existing devices will be supported by hubitat or not. I did check out the compatible list of devices.
However i thought it would be better to check with you guys in real time.So here goes.

  1. Wink Motion sensors: I beleive these are zwave plus certified. However i need to know if these can be incorporated in Hubitat. If not then, i will need to buy 3+ motion sensors.
  2. Zooz light switches (ZEN 21): I beleive these are already compatible with Hubitat. So no issues there. Do let me know if i'm wrong.
  3. Amazon Echo: Should be all good?
  4. Google Home: Should be all good?
  5. Wemo Light Switches: Should be ideally brought in by Amazon Echo? Shouldn't it?
  6. Smart life compatible outlets: Again Amazon Echo integration should bring these in?
  7. TP link Light Switches: Amazon Echo again?
  8. Serena Shades: i understand that this needs a Lutro smart bridege pro. Will get that working. So once i get the bridge, can i create automations in Hubitat to link up with Amazon echo for voice commands so as to open and close the blinds? Or should i still continue using IFTTT , the way i use it currently with Wink?
  9. Denon AV receiver: Understand this will work over LAN
  10. Nest Protect/Ecobee/Sonos: Works over respective integrations i suppose.
  11. Abode Home security system: Am curious to know if this will work with Hubitat. I'm just curius to know if my abode door sensors will show up in HUbitat console from Amazon Echo, without Abode integration?

Please do let me know so that i have a better picture with the migration.

Thanks again

Wow. guess i have to find these out myself. No responses.

This is a good place to start when trying to find if something is compatible.

  1. Wink Motion sensors: Should work fine. I don't think Wink made these, they are probably a re-labeled Dome or other similar brand.
  2. Zooz switches: Work fine. I have these and they paired and worked fine.
  3. Amazon Echo: Worked fine. You can also add "Echo Speaks" app if you want to use Echos to speak messages.
  4. Google Home: I don't have this, but supposedly works.
  5. Wemo Light Switches: I don't have these, but there is a thread here where they work? Looks like there is an app to run on Hubitat. Wemo switch and insight smart plug
  6. Smart life compatible outlets: Don't have these either, but here is a thread about them. Looks like there is an app to run on Hubitat? [BETA]TuyaHubitat - (jinvoo, smart life, tuya smart - switches only)
  7. TP link Light Switches: Again, looks like there is an app. [RELEASE] TP-Link Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration
  8. Serena Shades: Supposedly work, but I have no experience with them. The Lutron Pro Bridge will be a very nice addition, it allows Pico Remotes to become almost anything you desire in Hubitat.
  9. Denon AV receiver: Supposedly has native Hubitat support: Hub Update 2.0.3
  10. Nest Protect/Ecobee/Sonos: Sonos has a native integration. Here are one Nest and Ecobee integration, there may be others.
    NST Manager ported to Hubitat
    [RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**
  11. Adobe: I didn't find anything for it. I think you will want to investigate using other methods.

I too moved from Wink, and it has been great. Hubitat takes some getting used to, but it is amazing how many things work with Hubitat if you search the forums for what has been tried, and what has an app.

I haven't used IFTTT since moving to Hubitat, and for the most part I don't think it is required as you can do so much with rules and integrations in Hubitat. I never liked the slowness or the limitations of IFTTT anyway, so I would encourage you to try to run everything local and see if it works.