NST Manager ported to Hubitat

Here is a port of NST Manager app, automations etc to Hubitat

Update from Nest: Google Backtracks on Ending 'Works With Nest': What It Means For You | Tom's Guide

Earlier announcement: Nest will be shutting down their API August 31, 2019

General documentation on the automations is at:

However app and device installation instructions should be followed from this notice vs. the wiki.

Updated Version 2.0.6/2.0.5 (Released August 27, 2019)

  • small typecast fix

Updated Version 2.0.5/2.0.5 (Released August 24, 2019)

  • fix some issues in logging and setup
  • update to nstEventStream driver

Updated Version 2.0.4/2.0.3 (Released Aug 5, 2019)

  • Many optimizations to reduce state usage (and HE database where state is stored)
  • Cleanups of applications and devices
  • Note this release updates NST manager, Automations, and device handlers

Updated Version 2.0.2/2.0.2 (Released April 17, 2019)

  • updates for more conservative command issuing
  • optimizations
  • addition of importUrl for drivers
    • all drivers have been updated

Updated Version 2.0.1/2.0.2 (Released March 17, 2019)

  • Updated NST automations to quiet logging
  • updated camera to report motion events (they report after event completed by Nest API)
  • updated weather driver for forecast high and low temps

Version 2.0.1/2.0.1 (Feb 15, 2019)

This consists of 4 apps:

There are several drivers:

Weather Device

  • Also in the driver section is a modified weather driver if you choose to use automations that require local weather conditions. This is based off of the APIXU driver written by @bangali but reduced in number of events and adding features required by the automations. The automations should work with other weather devices, however these devices may not offer dew point information to the automations, and NST Graphs application will not plot the weather data graphs or show forecasts, moon phases, etc.

  • you will need an API XU key from apixu.com

A reboot of the hub before installation (or after removing other apps/devices) is a good practice, and allow the db to settle for few minutes.

  • Regular backups stored off the hub is an important best practice before installing new software


  • HE documentation links for installation of components:

  • Add the applications in "Apps Code" as new applications

    • You can choose to only use NST Manager for a minimal install

    • Enable OAUTH when installing NST Manager app. After you paste the code but before you save, hit the "Oauth" button in the top (near save), enable it, then "Save"

  • Add the drivers in "Drivers Code" as new drivers

    • You can choose to only install the drivers for devices you have in your environment

    • you need to always install the NST EventStream + whatever drivers for your Nest Devices.

  • Under "Apps" select "Add User App" and choose "NST Manager"

  • Under "Apps", select "NST Manager" and configure your Nest Access, choose devices to present in HE, and hit "Done"

    • This is also where automations are enabled and settings are configured (if you installed the automations app above)

Installation Notes:

  • Use your primary Nest login for authorizing NST Manager

  • NST Manager will install/turn on automation(s) and devices based on your settings in NST Manager, so you do NOT need to create Nest Devices by hand nor install automations by hand (this is under "Devices" and "Apps" respectively)

  • It is important in NST Manager or automations when making changes, to "Done" your way out of the app so that the settings are properly applied.

  • When you make settings changes, they can take a minute or so to complete configuration depending on the changes made, so after exiting with changes via "Done", wait a minute or two before making further changes of NST Manager or automation settings.

This app allows you to use your own developer clientID and secret if you have one and wish to use your own.


  • It is always a good idea to take a backup of your hub prior to installation and save this on your computer.


    • For those running NestIntegration, this app and drivers can be installed "side by side". This is a good thing to do initially while you test out this new application. As stated in other forum notes, if you uninstall NestIntegration, you will not be able to re-install it since it has been removed.

    • You likely do not want to run both applications "side by side" for an extended period of time due to loading on your HE hub.

Getting help

  • "Logs" in your hubitat can help you monitor NST Manager and automations.

  • Settings in NST Manager such as "Show NST Manager logs in the IDE" can provide additional information

  • You can optionally "Enable Diagnostic Web Page" in NST Manager to provide a web URL for sharing data (this URL should not be posted in the forum or other public areas - it should only be shared via private message with those you trust). This feature requires the NST Remote Diagnostics App be installed on your hub.

    • We suggest you do NOT enable "Enable Log Collection" unless specifically asked to as it raises the load on your Hubitat hub.

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Getting "Oauth Not Enabled for Nst Manager" did I miss something in the directions?

Try enabling oauth at the top of the app driver code page?

I enabled Oauth in the App Code however upon trying to install the app, it says no devices found (where I would normally select my thermostat, camera, etc)

I'm having this same issue. If I continue to hit next/done to finish setting up the app, then go back in, it finds the device. The problem I'm running into, though, is it doesn't seem to actually be creating the thermostat device.

Please be sure the devices are installed along with the app.

In a private message you can share "Logs", I can take a look.

If by devices you mean the device drivers, then yes they are definitely installed. The devices themselves are not installed which is the issue.

Thanks for the tip, that worked however like you it did not create the devices. The logs stated that a device with the same name already exists, so I think I need to remove my devices from the built in app before I can set them up with this one.

Getting this error every time after making a config change or trying to select a new device to add:

[warn]Skipping updated() as auth change in-progress

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I noticed that same error in the logs. I think this has to have something to do with why the device(s) aren't being created.

OK finally got this to work. Here's what I did:

1 - Remove all devices from the built in Nest Integration app
2 - Reboot hub
3 - Setup App Code / Device Code per directions above
4 - Install the NST Manager app, enter developer credentials, username and password
5 - Install virtual presence sensor (do not select anything else)
6 - Wait for the logs to calm down
7 - Go back to NST Manager and reset your credentials / token
8 - Log back in
9 - Select thermostats / cameras
10 - Thank me :slight_smile:


Did you have to set Oath enabled for the nst-manager app in the app code page?

I did, yes

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Thanks, got it working!

Thanks @toby

I updated the instructions for oauth, if you enable it when installing the NST manager code, you can avoid some of the steps you found (5-6-7)

Sorry for the trouble. I'm glad you figured it out.

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Looks like there are some issues with thermostat automation app, it doesn't let you save the settings once their configured. Logging shows a bunch of nulls:

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:56.978 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage0

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:56.977 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.473 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage6

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.454 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage5

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.453 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage4

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.432 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage3

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.429 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage2

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.418 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage1

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.416 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage0

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:43.415 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.435 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage6

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.400 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage5

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.398 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage4

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.372 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage3

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.368 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage2

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.356 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage1

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.349 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage0

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:34.348 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:30.771 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage0

app:72372019-02-13 03:36:30.770 pm debugnull | in schmotModePage

First look at this those are not errors, just that the name of the automation has not been set (the null is trying to print out the name).

It would be good if you show some of the errors either in logs or screen shots.

When I try to create the automation (thermostat) after all settings are made I select done and then the "done" option goes away but the page remains. No errors, but I can't progress, only option is to back out or delete.

I installed but just appeared the nest eventstream on the devices, not the thermostat :pensive:

Edit, should be somewhere that you must add https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/nest to client in nest developer.

How I do this?

Edit: Doh, I saw how, now the app changed after a few minutes.

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