Considering move from ST to HE

First, sorry if you got this questions a dozen times before but I would appreciate your help.

Were best to buy Hubitat if I want the latest version? I typically buy off Amazon but not sure if they carry v1 or v2?

I write my own applications and in my little study it appears HE is similar. True? Any guideline documents?

Is there an IDE like in ST and if not how do you include your own apps into HE?

Is there a recommended coding examples repository?

All my questions are related to writing my own apps, so can you generate Android notifications and send SMS messages?

How is presence sensing handled? I use my Android phone in ST.

Can I schedule events to occur at specific time (like using cron times)?

Kasa tp-link (wifi) is important to me. ST allows this through custom handlers and a management tool in SmartApps. Is it possible to use tp-link devices in HE?

My devices are: Nest stat, several Inovelli switches & plugs (NZW30, NZW97), GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch, Zooz power switch & indoor double plug, Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren, Fibaro Flood Sensor, and tp-link devices (HS100, HS105, KP400). Any issues with integration into HE?

I seen the documentation on Nest thermostat but I’m confused. Can I use Nest stat within HE?

Can I create/use virtual switches (on/off and momentary) in HE?

Do I have to remove device from both ST and Alexa before moving it to HE?

Almost identical.

Yes and through Pushover notifications is the official method. I use IFTTT -> Anything.

Life 360 officially. I use Homekit integration, it's pretty open but there is no app yet, it's coming with this functionality built in I believe.

Yes through Simple Lighting or Rule Machine or anything else.

There is a good local driver for those from the community.

Here are the supported devices although many more are supported through the community just like ST:

Through the community NST Manager now, since Nest closed their dev program.


Z-Wave and Zigbee, yes.

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Were best to buy Hubitat if I want the latest version? I typically buy off Amazon but not sure if they carry v1 or v2?

Amazon has the latest version in stock but either one will work fine. The older one has external usb stick(s) which may be a bit more flexible but the functionality is the same as far as I know . I have 4 hubs - 2 older (C4) and 2 newer (C5). You can also buy direct from the HE website. They have sales from time to time also it might make returning/replacement faster in the event of an issue.


The Kasa Tp-link integration is by the same author as on smartThings. It is also better in that it does not require a Kasa Account nor an external node.js Hub. This is now my primary platform.


Thank you

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