Driver code samples



We have published some example driver code in our public Github repo.
These are actual production drivers included in the HE platform.

Currently published:
Generic Zigbee RGBW bulb
Virtual Lock driver
and the Generic Z-Wave Central Scene Dimmer

Is there a way to look at the code of built-in apps?
Driver and app code examples
Zigbee Debugging / Development for New Driver
Included device code
[RELEASE] TP-Link Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration
Installed device not being found(?) in fingerprint data
Send Events to update state
Considering move from ST to HE

Thanks, Mike. When I have time, I will modify and re-release the code using your internal capability, commands, and structure, etc. Should make it sing better with the chorus.

Noted that the RGBW bulb does not have a capability Polling. People have been asking for Polling in thread above (and it is now supported in HE). Any problems adding?



polling usually ends up being an alias for refresh, no need for two commands when one will do.


The sample Zigbee driver seems to use mostly raw Zigbee commands. Is that the only way to build a Zigbee driver, or are there commands and methods built in to the Hubitat, and if so, can you publish a sample that uses them?


No, there are helper methods, while not completely finished, it's a start at least.


Just wanted to say thanks for this @mike.maxwell. I needed to make a very small change to use as a virtual device to lock and unlock my car. Having it available was greatly appreciated.