Matter Support Released

Matter Support Released

We have released support for Matter devices on the Model C-8 hub with the release of platform update Matter support for Models C-5 and C-7 is now available with Release 2.3.8. This addition marks a significant advancement in compatibility with both existing devices and a growing number of devices expected in the future that support Matter, an emerging smart home standard that offers local control and promises improved interoperability.

With this update, Hubitat Elevation users can now connect and control Matter devices. Combined with the longstanding ability to integrate Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other devices, this update further enhances the strength of Hubitat Elevation as a powerful tool to allow devices of different types to work together in automations ranging from simple to complex, regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

To use Matter devices on the hub, they must first be commissioned on another system. Matter commissioning is easy to do with Apple Home, Google Home or Amazon Echo,

For more details about the Matter protocol, check out this post: Matter Explained


Any chance it will be enable on C-7 in near future?

From what we have heard, near future seems exceedingly doubtful. Far future? Anything’s possible I’m sure.

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It took a year to engineer a solution for the C-8. That solution will not work (directly) in the C-3, C-4, C-5 or C-7. I cannot calculate how much effort it would be to get the C-7 ready to take the Matter developed code, but it certainly cannot be "near future" -- unless you mean a year. :smiley:

As an owner of multiple C-7's, I'd like it to be 'universal' too, if only so that I have a backup hub in an emergency, so I'm hoping they make that development decision, but I'm not counting on it. For my house, Matter is a long way off. There's just nothing offered today that solves a problem. I have two Matter Bulbs, so I know what I need to know related to the C-8.


Ah. So that settles it, I will buy a C8 hub.

Why not?

I read this summary, and it seems that all HE supports is the IPv6 transport (no BLE for commissioning or border router functionality) , which doesn't seem like any special hardware of the C-8 would be required.

Now, if it's a commercial decision to only support it in the C-8 then that is a different story.

Its not a hardware problem it is a software problem. While the hubs have the same UI and look the same to users, they run different versions or variations of software under the hood.


I am not positive, but I think it might even require three versions.

  • C8
  • C5 and C7
  • C3 and C4

The C3 and C4 are quite different than the others, the C5 and C7 use a 32-bit JVM whereas the C4 uses a 64-bit JVM.

At this point I doubt the C3/C4 will ever get it, too old and too few users to make it worthwhile.

For the C5 and C7, I think that there will be some observation of adoption of Matter, and where the whole thing progresses over the next year. If Matter as a whole is as half-baked in a year, 2023 in the smart home: Matter’s broken promises - The Verge I doubt the older hubs get it. With Google involved, it wouldn't shock me if they just drop the whole thing in a year once they get bored with it, like about half of their projects. Things like that might change the priorities of Hubitat.

You also have to consider Hubitat has been very good at adding features even for the older hubs. If this was a Samsung phone, there is zero chance you get 2023 features ported back to your older phone. Up to this point, there is very little difference in device support and apps no matter which hub version you have. When you look at it from that perspective, Hubitat is pretty amazing.


Whaaaaat ?????
So like that just lowered my interest. Is this a forever condition of using Matter devices?



Matter requires a Commissioning device.. typically an Apple HomeKit hub, Google Home or Alexa.

One day, Hubitat may add Commissioning, but it's not part of the initial release.


Matter devices require bluetooth to commission. Hubitat does not use bluetooth... (Eventually the app will be updated to use bluetooth in your phone allowing hubitat to be a commissioner but no set time frame) So using either homekit (apple), google, or echo to create the fabric, you can generate a code then to add that device to Hubitat.


The Matter Integration has been a substantial undertaking. These are very early days for Matter, as just a few months ago there were not even Matter devices available to purchase. From our perspective, the most important first step was to put the basic Matter Integration out there. The great majority of our users have one of Apple, Google or Amazon devices that already support Matter commissioning. So as a first step, it made sense to us to release this instead of holding back until all aspects of using Matter are complete.

Having said that, our mobile app development is on a different and challenging path forward. It will incorporate Matter commissioning in a future release. We aren't offering a date for that release at this time.


It’s my understanding correct that this update is to control matter devices from the Hubitat but does not expose our zigbee and z-wave devices to Matter. Am I correct?



Well done hubitat team! Thanks for what I'm assuming took a huge amount of work. Really love that you're making so much effort to keep the HE up to date and relevant in a fast changing market. I've been really happy with my HE since I bought it a couple of years ago and it's this continued support and the regular updates that I value most - actually and the supportive community!

I have the older hub so won't be able to take advantage of it yet but I'll be buying and moving to the new hub soon.


Wow, I just got super lucky then… I just got a C8 and one of the first things I played with were existing z-wave devices on a security panel and two Matter lightbulbs. It worked great!

I was a little confused by having to activate the lightbulbs on Alexa/Echo Show or Google Home first, and it took a bit to figure out the setup code was one produced by Alexa/Google, not the one that is printed on the devices. (Probably because I skipped the instructions…. who reads those anyway…). But, once I figured this out, the rest has been smooth sailing. I can even control the RGB colors (though it’s much easier to do that thru Alexa/Google/HomeKit).

Thank you for adding Matter support. I hope you plan on simplifying the process with later releases so that an external Assistant device/controller isn’t needed to activate new devices.

I’m really enjoying Hubitat so far!


I'm keeping my credit card far away from me, in order to resist the urge to buy a C-8.

I already have two C-5's and two C-7's and the C-8's capability of transfer the Zigbee & Z-Wave networks is compelling ... thank God I forgot where my credit card is !


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I’ve now got 2 C7’s and a C8 - technically I’ve bought 3 C7’s as I bought an extra one and then gave it to a mate.

What I’ve come to realise is, the correct number of Hubitat’s to own is N + 1. :rofl:

(N being the number of hubs you actually have on hand)