Will hubitat ever invest in the mobile app?

Ok.. Going to start by saying I've been a huge hubitat fan and own two.

Which is why I'm so confused.. For all the investment in the hub, why the seeming lack of any real development on what is (presumably?) a majority of users' primary front end interface?

Other than just being kinda clunky and not looking nice... Functionally, it seems mediocre. Particularly got owners of multiple hubs in different locations like myself.

I'd like to do the following seemlessly without having to go change the device in settings:
-Get to dashboards from different hubs
-Receive push notifications from different hubs
-Use geofence info from a single mobile Device on different hubs

Am I really that rare a use case that none of this seems on their radar?

Anyone have ideas for third party apps or capabilities to solve the multiple hub problem?

All I need that is lacking from the app is reliable home/away Android and iPhone presence detection in the wake of Life360 turning off 3p API access. Other than that, I find the app just as smooth or unsmooth as web interface. It gets the job done and I really don't need or want to interact with the app or hub much when my automations are working and optimized.

Yes, hints have been dropped that the mobile app is under redevelopment. As usual, however, there is no timeline for release.

See, for example: Matter Support Released - #15 by bravenel

FWIW, I rarely use the mobile app. I have it set up only so I can do presence and notifications, neither of which requires actually using the app after that. For day-to-day control, I prefer automations to avoid anything manual if I can, but there are other options like integrations with Google, Alexa, or HomeKit/Siri for control by voice or the Apple Home app. Hubitat Dashboard is also built-in and gives you more control over more control over the appearance and can work with almost any device, and there are third-party options like SharpTools (also built-in, and many others you can do with custom code).

Dashboards are just webpages. You can get the URL from Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > (your actual dashboard), then use that without needing to use the mobile app to get there at all. Bookmark it, add it as a "web app" to your home screen, or whatever you need to make it easy -- I do understand that the app can be easier, but this is what many of us did before the app existed at all (there was such a time). :slight_smile:

For these, I think you'll need different a different solution. Using Pushover instead of the Hubitat mobile app can help with notifications on the mobile device side, or you can share a notification device between your hubs if they're on the same LAN using something like HubConnect (I don't think Hub Mesh works with the mobile app device) or similar options. A similar solution could help with geofence, or again, you could again use a third-party option instead of the mobile app (OwnTracks or an Apple Home or Alexa automation, for example).


It does actually work, I use this myself. My use case may be slightly different, but the solution is essentially what I think is being asked... If you link the mobile devices between each hub, then make sure you send the notification to all the copies of the same mobile device, then no matter what hub you are connected to in the app you should receive the notification.

@pbennett45 Happy to create another topic if you want and I can explain it in more detail or send me a PM if you prefer.

While I haven't tested this, I would expect, for similar reasons to my last comment, that if you link your mobile device between different hubs you should get presence updates on each HE hub as it changes on the "parent" hub the device is currently connected to.... Perhaps you could explain how you have tried to do this, if you have tried anything, or we could work through some options if you are not sure how it could be done.

If I put my work hat on.... I would suggest taking a step back and understanding what you are wanting to achieve by having dashboards on different hubs and whether the dashboards could be hosted on the same hub and relevant devices are linked over Hub Mesh. That said, there is every chance of their being a completely valid reason for hosting dashboards in this way that I am not aware of...

One last comment....

I know the main thrust of this post was more to do with the technical features of the app, but I do like to touch on some of the "soft" stuff as well... I also get too wordy with responses to these things....

To be short... Not everyone can or will automate their entire home / life.... Some do want or need manual interaction with their smart home, whether it be in the early stages of establishing their Hubitat system, or just through personal preference. I think the case for making the initial onboarding for new users a more enjoyable one should be a compelling one to lift the standard of the mobile app offering. Not everyone has the technical know-how or otherwise to assess the pros and cons of the various systems on offer, and so "the small stuff" can matter, if only from a commercial / financial perspective. Comments from friends / family or online about the interface can have flow on effects for those browsing for their new HA platform.

But I do have to agree, the app is largely functional for what I need... my comments are largely from the perspective of how it may impact new users experience and affect Hubitat's bottom-line...

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@sburke781 thank you for the replies. However, unless I'm misinterpreting them, you seem to be entirely addressing the use case of two hubs in the same home?

The hubitat documentation refers to hub mesh as for two hubs on the sand local network, can it be used across the Internet?

As my original post said, my hubs are in different locations. 130 miles apart in fact. House and vacation house. So sharing presence detection, I don't believe helps me.

As for the dashboards, yes I understand I CAN just bookmark two websites. I just don't want to :-). They have an app... I'd like to be able to use it.

Again on push notifications. Unless hub mesh can work across networks, I would like to be able to have my device registered on two hubs so I can get pushed a notification if some emergency occurs in either home.

I know a guy who owns and manages 20 rental properties that would love these features as well.

Anyway... Let me know if I misinterpreted, I just don't see any replies that help this use case yet, other than using a web browser for the dashboards (i.e just not using the app).

As an aside.. Same problem exists in the Alexa integration. My devices is both houses are on the same Amazon account, do I can only integrate with one of the hubs. So it seems universal in the apps, the assumption you only care about one connection.

Bingo.... Mostly my fault..... While it would make the commentary easier for people like me if that was make clearer, it is not for you to know that was such a critical element of your setup, nor that I would neglect to to read your quite clear explanation :slight_smile:

I don't have any answer for you in terms of notifications or dashboards, based on your responses and situation.... Particularly given my lack of experience with multi-location setup.... like you have. Not sure whether someone like @kahn-hubitat or @Madcodger could offer any suggestions....?

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Eh? I've been summoned on a cold, snowy, Friday morning?! Oh, it's Simon. Well, then, that's fine. Anything for Simon @sburke781 , as he wrote 2/3 of everything running on my hubs! Anyway, where were we? Oh, the question (I think - still sipping first cup of coffee)...

For notifications/alerts, I just set up a single Pushover account, and push notifications to that from four different hubs (three at one property, another a couple of miles away). I've tried getting notifications through the Hubitat app and found it to be basically unworkable for me. Pushover works like a charm for this purpose. Just give the same account credentials to each hub. This worked when we lived 500 miles away from these properties, it works when I'm at the property, and if my wife forces me to start traveling again, it'll work basically anywhere there's a data connection. I don't think there's a limit to the number of hubs you can have on a Pushover account.

As for a single dashboard that accesses all hubs for viewing and control, I've never done it that way. I don't even want to do that, as multiple dashboards (usually one main one for each hub/building) allow me to see each hub (building) separately, which works fine and ensures I don't accidentally adjust the wrong building (things look alike when you're in a hurry). I just set up a shortcut to the cloud (remote) dashboard for each hub, on my phone screen. I group those icons together by just dragging them together on my phone screen. So, I can click that group icon, then each hub's icon, and off I go. Works great, and I use that cloud dashboard even when I'm standing inside the building itself.

Hope that helps. now back to my coffee.


You obviously need to purchase some more devices :slight_smile:

I second the recommendation to use an external notification service that can be called from either hub. I use a self-hosted notifications server, Gotify (which is Android-only), but there are a lot of options. One of the simplest, which I also use as a backup in case my Gotify server is down, is to use the email-to-SMS interface for my cell provider to send myself text messages from the hub. This takes care of notifications with no additional apps or services needed on your phone. I use this app to send the emails: Sendmail - Send email and text notifications, (notification device) no local server needed

You mentioned Android and iPhone presence... I don't have a solution for iPhone, but multi-location geopresence should be easy to do using Google Home. You can set up routines for 'when I arrive at a location' and 'when I leave a location'. Have those routines activate a 'virtual presence with switch' device in either home.

The Google Home app has provisions for multiple homes, but I'm not sure if that means it can connect to two Hubitat hubs at the same time. However, you could still make this work with Rule Machine and Maker API even if you can only connect to one hub.

Assuming hubs 1 at home 1 and hub 2 at home 2, but Google Home only able to control devices at home 1, the sequence is:

  • Arrive at home 2
  • Google routine turns on a virtual presence switch on hub at home 1
  • Rule machine on hub 1 triggers based on that switch, calls Maker API cloud endpoint to turn on virtual presence switch on hub 2
  • The opposite happens when departing home 2. The routine turns off the switch on hub 1, which triggers Rule Machine to call the Maker API cloud endpoint to turn off the presence switch on the second hub.

Nope - All is well in my world! If I could figure out how to pull data from my Victron solar equipment (their Venus OS on a RPi 3) I'd be in hog heaven (Is that a phrase that even makes sense down under?). Anyway, thanks for all the stuff you've written. It works great!

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Anything to keep our pig-fiends in good health.... :slight_smile: Not sure how long they are likely to spend in heaven.... But that is likely a conversation for another topic... :wink:

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I have 2 apps installed on.my android phone. I.modified a version of the app with a different id so i can get notifications from both.


I just posted this in another area, please forgive me for re-posting it here.
[I am not tooting my own horn here, but there are a lot of very smart people here, and "I stand on the shoulders of giants". Thank you all for sharing.]
I would like to describe an easy way to display ALL of your devices on an easy to use Dashboard, using the existing Dashboard app. This approach is great for quick and easy display (not control).

[Please note: this is not my work, and all credit should go to @krlaframboise ]

  1. setup Simple Device Viewer: available here:
    Hubitat/apps/krlaframboise/simple-device-viewer.src at master ยท krlaframboise/Hubitat ยท GitHub
  2. When you get it working, you will see at the top of the screen a URL, which looks like this:
    Copy that URL, and put it into the Mobile App, in the URL line.
    Also, set to on, the "Enable Custom Dashboard" switch.
  3. Go to Dashboard in the Mobile App to see a complete and simple display of every device and sensor in an easy to understand format. It's superb!

My .02...

Hubitat is for automation. If you're truly automating you don't need an app for anything.

Hubitat is for however the end user prefers to use it and interact with their devices. :slight_smile: There is no one "right" or "wrong" way to do this - some prefer manual control over automation.


@Madcodger Hadn't looked into third party notifications, thanks got the recommendation. As for multiple devices... Not looking to put devices from different hubs on the same dashboard. Much simpler, just trying to be able to get to dashboards from different hubs without going to settings, selecting the other hub, re-registering the mobile device... Just feels like a lot of unnecessary extras for what's a lot of hyperlinks under the hood.

Do tell now?? Seriously, that's the simple answer I was hoping for! Can you do that from a normal Google Play install? Manual APK install? Or need to hack it even more than that? Thanks!

Well... Guess they shouldn't advertise a mobile app then if it's only for paying customers that "aren't doing it right"... hahaha...seriously though, while I would love to have hours a day to spend on this, I've got a job and three young kids... For me it's mostly for remote access to things and a couple automation routines that are enough value added to be worth it. From my perspective, just because it can be automated doesn't mean it should be automated. Just the way it works for me.

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manual apk install.. send me pm and email and i can send you a copy.