Matter support on Hue article from Verge

This was both interesting and depressing....


Having read Verge for many, many years I rarely agree 100% with that author, but she usually has some good points in the articles. The facts in the article are "usually" correct, but the analysis on why/conclusions... Well, not as often.

Anyway, interesting read regardless.


Umm.... but ZigBee uses the same frequencies as Wi-Fi... so, just as congested.


I don't know if I can take anything there seriously after that statement. That was as far as I got.


I assumed she meant it wasn’t sharing time with everything else that’s connected to the router via WiFi. Like when my kids are gaming, I don’t have to worry about it interfering with home automations. Not that I have ever seen my current setup struggle, but I have with past routers I have owned

Words mean things, Wi-Fi channels would refer to the channel frequencies, which are shared by Zigbee. And it is true that those frequencies themselves are congested in some areas. I lived in an apartment and the 2.4Ghz was so saturated I needed a repeater just for a 3 bdrm appt. I cannot even imagine trying to use Zigbee there, would never work.

"Wi-Fi networks" however would mean something else.

If your Wifi "network" is so congested you cannot turn on a light bulb then I think you have bigger problems to worry about.

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You are correct. I guess I substituted network in my head without realizing.
Either way, I won’t be using Matter with my Hue bridges any time soon. I tried it briefly with Apple Home and switched it back due to missing functionality like Adaptive Lighting.

If nothing else, it's a heads up that Hue isn't ready for Matter.

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When I tried it with Hue beta software it was the Matter limitations that ruined it for me. Usually cool new tech has more features, not fewer. I didn’t keep it connected via Matter long enough to see if it worked well.